They Shall Not Grow Old
They Shall Not Grow Old (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
On the centennial of the end of World War I, Peter Jackson has directed a moving documentary about the "war to end all wars". Using contemporary footage, now colorized, Jackson takes viewers right into the trenches, the battles, and the hospitals that marked the first global conflict.
2018: The Year in Movies (News and Views, Last Update Dec 2018)
The Upside
The Upside (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jan 2019)
When recently paroled ex-con Dell is told he must find a job, he stumbles into the life of millionaire quadriplegic Phillip and snags a job as his personal attendant, which changes both their lives.
Replicas (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jan 2019)
A scientist's family is killed in a car accident and he becomes obsessed with bringing them back to life.
A Dog’s Way Home
A Dog’s Way Home (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jan 2019)
After getting separated from her beloved owner, Bella travels 400 miles to get back home in this heart-tugging film with strong echoes of the classic "Lassie" movie.
Escape Room
Escape Room (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jan 2019)
Six strangers are given an opportunity to win ten thousand dollars. All they have to do is be the first to get out of an escape room, but that turns out to be much harder than they thought.
Christmas Classics (News and Views, Last Update Dec 2018)
Joyeux Noel
Joyeux Noel (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
This inspiring French production tells the story of the Christmas truce of World War I when troops laid down their guns, became acquainted with one another, and took a break from war.
If Beale Street Could Talk
If Beale Street Could Talk (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jan 2019)
Clementine (Tish) and Alonzo (Fonny) live in 1970s New York and are planning to marry. When Fonny is arrested for a rape he could not possibly have committed, Tish sets out to prove his innocence.
Once Upon a Deadpool
Once Upon a Deadpool (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds), leader of the X-Force mutant team, succumbs to despair after the murder of the woman he loves. Teaming up with the X-Men, Deadpool works to protect a young mutant whose fire setting powers are a danger to everyone around him.
On the Basis of Sex
On the Basis of Sex (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2019)
"On the Basis of Sex" tells the inspiring story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's lifelong personal and legal battles for equality. Beginning with the discrimination she faced in law school and later in employment, the movie moves on to groundbreaking cases that helped make all Americans equal under the law, regardless of gender.
Henchmen (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Having fantasized for years about becoming a supervillain, Lester joins the Union of Henchmen. He gets more than he bargained for...
Clara (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
Dr. Isaac Bruno is obsessed with finding life in space. He hires Clara, a free spirited artist, to help him with his research. Together they make discoveries that are both intimate and cosmic in scope.
Vice (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jan 2019)
"Vice" tells the story of Dick Cheney, Vice-President to George W Bush from 2000 to 2008. Christian Bale stars as the controversial Vice-President with Amy Adams as his wife in this riveting biopic.
Welcome to Marwen
Welcome to Marwen (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
After being beaten within an inch of his life Mark Hogancamp uses art as a way to help himself through the recovery process.