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The Peanut Butter Falcon PG-13
Overall: B+

Trapped in an institution because he has Down Syndrome, Zak dreams of becoming a pro wrestler. One day, he runs away and bumps into Tyler, and the two embark on a most unusual road trip.

Ready or Not R
Overall: C-

Grace has just married Adam, the son of a powerful but strange family. As part of welcoming her to the family, they insist upon playing a game of hide and seek. Little does Grace know, she has stumbled into a dangerous ritual which will culminate in her death...that is, unless she can escape from her heavily-armed in-laws before they find her and kill her.

Good Boys R
Overall: D

Three young boys are chased through town by some teenage girls whose drugs they inadvertently stole. The only question is whether they'll make it home in time for the big party...

47 Meters Down: Uncaged PG-13
Overall: C-

Four teen girls on holiday in the tropics are having the time of their lives swimming, hiking, and scuba diving. On a dive, they find a ruined old city, full of creepy tombs, ancient buildings, and most importantly, hungry sharks.

Bernadette gave up a lot of her dreams to support her family. But now she has a chance to make them all come true, and her family will have to find ways to support her through it...if they can find her at all.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 PG
Overall: A-

Bad Piggies ruler King Mudbeard has been planning an elaborate revenge scheme against the Angry Birds, but his plans are put on hold when Zeta, a mysterious purple bird, threatens the world with a new ice age, forcing the Pigs and the Birds to work together to avoid destruction. Will they be able to save themselves? Or will their petty bickering lead them to their icy graves?

Blinded by the Light PG-13
Overall: A-

Growing up in Britain in 1987, Javed struggles to navigate the social and economic pressures of the country, as well as his own family's expectations of him. Struggles, that is, until he finds the music of Bruce Springsteen, who despite thousands of miles and a world of cultural difference, speaks to Javed's experiences. Now he just needs to find a way to express himself to his family.

Light of My Life R
Overall: A-

Rag and her dad have been hiding for years, ever since a plague killed nearly every woman in the world. Now they have to learn how to stay safe as Rag grows up, and figure out who they can trust.

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Brightburn R
Overall: D

A meteor crashes outside a young couples' home, and when they investigate, they find a baby inside. But as he grows up, the child becomes stronger and stranger than anyone would have anticipated...

The Tomorrow Man PG-13
Overall: C+

Ed Hemsler is a cautious man, and is well prepared for whatever tomorrow might bring. Prepared, that is, until he meets Ronnie Meisner and falls in love...

A Dog’s Journey PG
Overall: B

Bailey the dog has been there for Ethan for a long time, but now Ethan's granddaughter CJ needs the help more.

The Biggest Little Farm PG
Overall: A+

John and Molly Chester have decided to buy 200 acres of farmland near L.A., and now struggle to turn it into a small sustainable farm. Battling pests, wildfires, and animal illnesses, they will be forced to work hard and think outside the box.

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Upcoming New Movies


The Queen’s Corgi

Not Rated
Rex, one of Her Majesty's favourite corgis at Buckingham Palace, leads a life of comfort and luxury. Apart from the occasional intrusion by the odd foreign leader, Rex has nothing to worry about. That is, until he gets lost outside the Palace gates and winds up in an animal shelter full of tough street dogs. Rex will have to learn how to get along with them in order to get home, but what will become of them once he does?

Angel Has Fallen

Mike Banning has been a hero ever since he saved the President from a terrorist attack on the White House, and even more so since he saved the President from a terrorist attack in London. It won't be so easy this time: Banning has been framed for the most recent attempt on the Presidents life, and now has to race against Federal agents to clear his name before someone uses his absence as an opportunity to assassinate his boss.

It Chapter 2

27 years after the Losers Club dealt with Pennywise, the kids have grown up and moved out of Derry. But when word gets back to them that more children have disappeared, the CLub meets back home for the final showdown with the evil clown.

The Goldfinch

When his mother is killed in a terrorist bombing at an art museum, Theodore is taken in by a wealthy family. They know he'll be traumatized and emotionally scarred, but what they don't know is that in the confusion and the rubble after the bomb went off, Theodore stole a priceless painting called The Goldfinch.

Upcoming Blu-ray/Streaming


The unbelievable true story of bank robbery hostages who form a bond with their captors. This is the story behind the psychological condition we now call 'Stockholm Syndrome'.


Penguins follows the adventures of a clueless but determined penguin as he faces his first year as an adult in the harsh environment of Antarctica.

The Grizzlies

Not Rated
An Inuit community in Canada's far north struggles with poverty, addiction, and despair. But when a teacher starts a lacrosse team, teens find something to fight for.

Amazing Grace

This documentary shows Aretha Franklin's performance at the New Bethel Baptist Church in Watts, Los Angeles as she recorded her live gospel album "Amazing Grace".