New Movie Releases

Unhinged R
Overall: D

Digital on Demand: After an angry confrontation with a fellow driver, single mother Rachel finds herself plagued by a deranged man with a twisted sense of vengeance.

Starting at Zero Not Rated
Overall: B

Digital on Demand: This documentary examines successful early learning strategies across the US.

Digital on Demand: After her parents die from cholera, Mary Lennox is sent from India to her uncle's remote Yorkshire estate. Alone and unhappy, Mary finds solace in a secret, walled garden with magical properties.

Howard TV-PG
Overall: A-

Disney+: This biopic focuses on Howard Ashman, legendary lyricist who wrote the words for Disney's classic films, "The Little Mermaid", "Aladdin", and "Beauty and the Beast".

I Used to Go Here Not Rated
Overall: D

Digital on Demand: After publishing her novel, Kate is invited to speak at her alma mater. But going back to school means more than familiar surroundings, and Kate soon finds herself drawn into the personal lives of some of the current students.

Made in Italy R
Overall: B

Digital on Demand: A young man and his estranged father travel to Italy to fix up and sell an old family home in Tuscany, and find that their relationship needs almost as much work as the house.

Work It TV-14
Overall: B

Netflix: Quinn needs more extracurricular activities for her college applications so she tries to get on her school's championship dance team. Failing at her attempt, she starts her own dance group. There's just one problem - she can't dance.

An American Pickle PG-13
Overall: A-

HBO Max: A struggling Eastern European laborer moves to the United States to pursue his dream of opportunity - and finds himself working in a pickle factory. When he stumbles and falls into the vat one day, he is perfectly preserved, and awakens in a new century, with only his great-grandson left to help him adapt.

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Suppressed: The Fight to Vote Not Rated
Overall: A

This documentary examines voter suppression in Georgia during the 2018 elections.

Ride Your Wave Not Rated
Overall: A-

A surfer meets a handsome firefighter and the duo fall in love. But when tragedy strikes, will she be able to go on without him?

Resistance R
Overall: B-

Digital on Demand: Marcel Marceau, an aspiring mime in France during the Nazi occupation, has had enough. Joining the French Resistance, he begins to work against the Germans by helping Jewish children escape the country.

Scoob! PG
Overall: A-

Digital on demand: Young Shaggy Rogers and his dog Scooby-Doo are tight as can be, and stay that way when they team up with Fred, Daphne, and Velma to solve mysteries. But when a dastardly villain separates them from the gang, Shaggy and Scooby are going to have to work harder than ever to save their friends...and the world!

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Upcoming New Movies


Project Power

A new drug has hit the streets of New Orleans - small capsules which grant the user five minutes of a superpower. With a downside: you don't get to pick the power, and what you get could kill you. Art (Jamie Foxx) has a bigger problem: His daughter is being used as the source of the drug. With the help of Frank, a local cop, and Robin, he sets out to rescue his daughter.

Boys State

A documentary focusing on "Boys/Girls State", a camp in Texas which brings thousands of youth together to teach them how to build representative government from scratch. This is the Boys camp - with all the chaos that entails.

Magic Camp

Disney+: Struggling with his career, Andy returns to the magic camp, this time as a counselor.

Zombies 2

Disney+: Zombies and werewolves collide at Seabrook High School. And you thought your teen years were tough.

Upcoming Blu-ray/Streaming


Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Marianne, a young painter, has been commissioned to do a portrait of a young woman, Heloise, in Brittany who does not wish to be painted. Attempting to memorize Heloise's features on long walks and outings so she can paint her later, Marianne begins to understand more and more this mysterious young woman.

The High Note

Digital on Demand: Grace Davis is a musical megastar. Maggie is just her overworked and ambitious personal assistant. But Maggie sees an opportunity to make her dreams of being a record producer come true when she hears an aspiring young singer.

The King of Staten Island

Scott has struggled to get his life together following the death of his father and his battles with mental illness, drug use, and interpersonal problems with his family. But now that his sister has moved out and his mother starts dating again, Scott finds that he's being left behind...