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Lucy in the Sky R
Overall: D

Lucy Cola has succeeded as an astronaut but now that she's returned to earth, she has trouble adjusting to the reality of life on our small planet.

Following the events of Zombieland, Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move across the country in search of supplies, but find themselves facing dangerous zombies and human raiders. Even more perilous, however, may be the tension developing within the group.

Greener Grass Not Rated
Overall: B

Life is weird in the suburbs - weirder still when the adults all wear braces and everyone seems determined to be happy no matter what.

Aurora is now Queen of the Moors and is betrothed to Prince Phillip. But Aurora is caught between Phillip's mother, the cold-hearted Queen Ingrith and Maleficent, the dark fairy who guards the moors.

Jexi R
Overall: D-

Phil has an addiction to his smartphone, and when he has to replace it, the virtual assistant on the new phone seems intent on destroying his life.

The Addams Family PG
Overall: B-

The Addams family has always been a little odd- but now that they’ve moved, their new neighbours are unprepared for exactly how weird things are going to get.

High Strung Free Dance PG
Overall: B-

Choreographer Zander Raines has created a new Broadway show. He casts Barlow as a dancer and Charlie as the pianist, only to set up a romantic triangle that becomes ever more complicated when the show's star, celebrity singer Kayla, develops an interest in Zander.

Gemini Man PG-13
Overall: C+

Aging gun-for-hire, Henry Brogan, is stalked by an adversary who seems to know him better than he knows himself.

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Stuber R
Overall: D

Stu, a quiet and polite Uber driver, is in for a surprise when he picks up Vic. Vic works for the LAPD, and is currently hunting down a dangerous murderer. Now Stu will have to decide exactly how much a five-star rating is worth to him...

Casey Davies, a timid and unfortunate accountant, decides to attend karate lessons after he is mugged by a gang of bikers. The mysterious Sensei he visits teaches him how to defend himself, but the costs might be different than Casey anticipated.

Crawl R
Overall: B-

A Category Five hurricane is rocking Florida, and Haley and her father Dave are stuck in the middle of it. But the flooding isn't the worst of their problems: something is swimming around in the floodwater, and it seems hungry.

Midsommar R
Overall: D

Dani and her boyfriend Mark have travelled to Sweden for a vacation that includes a Midsummer festival out in the country. The people seem quaint and friendly, until the couple realizes that something isn't right, and now Dani and Mark are trapped with a dangerous cult performing strange rituals.

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Upcoming New Movies


Blood Quantum

Not Rated
When a zombie plague erupts, a small Mi'kmaq community finds that members of their tribe are somehow immune to the virus. Contending with white refugees and the undead, the Mi'kmaq will have to balance individual human lives with the wellbeing of their entire community.


A new app claims to predict your exact time of death- for Quinn, that's only two days away. Now she has to find out how the app knows... or whether the app just makes sure of it.

Black and Blue

Alicia West, a rookie with the New Orleans Police, inadvertently captures her partners involvement in the murder of a drug dealer on her body cam. Now pursued by both the police and their allies in the criminal underworld, Alicia has to get that footage back to the precinct to expose the corruption in the department.

The Current War: Director’s Cut

The movie depicts the quest for power (both electrical systems and control) that lead to strong rivalry between Thomas Edison (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (played by Michael Shannon).

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The Farewell

Billi's grandmother has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer- not that she knows it. The family has decided not to tell the grandmother anything about her condition to make her last days as happy as possible. Billi goes to China to visit her and say her goodbyes, but she has to do so without telling her grandmother she's ill.

The Lion King

When Simba witnesses his father's murder, he takes his uncle Scar's advise and exiles himself. But without him, Scar has become a tyrant. Simba will need to accept his responsibilities and return to his pride or abandon everyone he loves.

Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood

Rick Dalton and his stunt double, Cliff Booth, are finally on their way to the big time in Hollywood, but they barely recognize their industry anymore. But while they navigate the end of the Golden Age, a strange man named Charles Manson has been making some new friends, and they have plans of their own...