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Molly and her friend Abby decide to spend Thanksgiving together. That is, until friends and relatives invite themselves over for a dinner of turkey and dysfunction.

Amazon Prime: Although his first trip to America from Kazakhstan seemed turbulent at best, Borat is back for more outrageous harassment, crude innuendo, and downright inappropriate public behavior. What else would you expect?

After We Collided R
Overall: D

Digital on Demand: A sequel to "After", this story sees Tessa and Hardin struggling to move on without each other. They might be better off apart, but are they going to stay that way?

On the Rocks R
Overall: B-

Apple TV+: Laura has a happy life, with a good job, kind husband, and lovely kids - the only hangup is that her husband has started working strange hours at the office. Concerned, Laura turns to her charismatic and mildly deranged father, Felix, who is determined to investigate a possible affair.

The Witches PG
Overall: B-

HBO Max: In this retelling of Roald Dahl's classic children's novel, a young boy falls afoul of a coven of witches who turn children into mice.

Over the Moon PG
Overall: A

Netflix: After hearing the myth of a beautiful young woman, trapped on the Moon awaiting true love, Fei-Fei builds a rocket to rescue her - but finds that there may be more space between Earth and the Moon than she ever imagined.

Cadaver TV-MA
Overall: D

Netflix: Although the world has been scarred by nuclear war, that's no reason not to have a good time, right? At least, that's how a strange but charismatic hotel owner feels, inviting dozens of starving families into his establishment. But there is a play being staged at the hotel, and the line between art and reality gets thinner by the minute...

Rebecca PG-13
Overall: C+

Netflix: After a whirlwind romance with a charming widower, a young bride becomes mistress of an estate on the coast. Manderley is a beautiful home, but it comes with a bitter housekeeper and haunting memories of the first wife.

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Suppressed: The Fight to Vote Not Rated
Overall: A

This documentary examines voter suppression in Georgia during the 2018 elections.

First Cow PG-13
Overall: B

Digital on Demand: In the wild Oregon Territory, a loner and a recent Chinese immigrant team up to create their own business, which relies on milk they steal from the owner of the only cow in the area...

Irresistible R
Overall: C

Digital on Demand: A video of a retired Marine standing up for undocumented workers in Wisconsin has grabbed the attention of the Democrat and Republican parties. Now the small town mayoral election becomes a hotly contested barometer for both sides.

Z Not Rated
Overall: C-

When Elizabeth and Kevin Parsons hear about their son Joshua's imaginary friend, they aren't too concerned...until that "friend" starts getting hostile.

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A collosal comet is streaking towards Earth, and fragments are doing unspeakable damage across the globe. John, his wife Allison, and son Nathan now have to make a run for safety, while the sky falls around them and society collapses.

Honest Thief

The In'N'Out bandit Tom Carter has recently absconded with nine million dollars from small town banks, all while keeping his true identity secret. However, a chance meeting with Annie, Tom decides to make a clean start. He turns himself in to the FBI - but the FBI aren't interested in restitution or rehabilitation.

2 Hearts

Two couples, decades apart, are connected by one unlikely commonality - one closer to the heart than either of them would have expected.


Not Rated
Sloane and Jackson hate the holidays - the awkward family dinners and interrogations, the bad last-minute plus ones... They think they've found a solution, though. They now plan to "holidate" each other, just for the big events, counting on their mutual loathing of the holidays and an assurance that they aren't romantically interested in one another to keep the plan on track.

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I Used to Go Here

Not Rated
Digital on Demand: After publishing her novel, Kate is invited to speak at her alma mater. But going back to school means more than familiar surroundings, and Kate soon finds herself drawn into the personal lives of some of the current students.

The Secret Garden (2020)

Digital on Demand: After her parents die from cholera, Mary Lennox is sent from India to her uncle's remote Yorkshire estate. Alone and unhappy, Mary finds solace in a secret, walled garden with magical properties.


Digital on Demand: A biopic exploring a sensational take on the life of famed inventor Nikola Tesla, and his struggles to sell AC electricity to a society already interested in rival Thomas Edison's DC system.