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Lloyd Vogel, a features writer with a major magazine, has been assigned a profile on children's TV icon Mr. Rogers. Although he is unhappy with the assignment, Lloyd learns more from Mr. Rogers than he ever expected...

Charlie’s Angels PG-13
Overall: D+

In yet another reboot of the 1970s TV series three beautiful, hard-fighting agents are put on the trail of a stolen technology that could allow assassins to operate by remote control.

Ford v Ferrari PG-13
Overall: B+

When the Ford company decides to mount a challenge to Ferrari's dominance at the Le Mans race, they turn to engineer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles to make it happen. Unfortunately, Ford's bureaucracy might be the biggest problem they face.

The Good Liar R
Overall: C-

Roy has been a con artist all his life, picking up and dropping identities as it suits him. But when he meets Betty, he realizes that he may want to settle down- if his past will let him, that is.

Midway PG-13
Overall: D

Following the catastrophic failure of US intelligence organizations that lead to the air raid on Pearl Harbor, the Navy has a chance for redemption- to take the battle to the Imperial Japanese fleet on some speck of an island out in the Pacific.

Playing with Fire PG
Overall: C+

An elite team of firefighters is forced to take in some rambunctious children until their parents can be located. But for these smoke-jumpers, it looks like childcare might be more challenging than their average forest fire.

Doctor Sleep R
Overall: D

Having survived his murderous father's rampage, Danny Torrance now uses alcohol to suppress his unusual gifts. But when he meets a child with the same gifts (the shine), he learns that there is a mysterious group that feeds on the shine.

Last Christmas PG-13
Overall: B

After a near-death experience, Kate's life has been in a bit of a downward spiral. But when she bumps into Tom, things start looking up.

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A Reindeer’s Journey Not Rated
Overall: A-

A reindeer calf is born before its mother can make it to the spring calving grounds. Thus begins a life of adventure and peril in one of the most beautiful and unforgiving environments on earth.

Blinded by the Light PG-13
Overall: A-

Growing up in Britain in 1987, Javed struggles to navigate the social and economic pressures of the country, as well as his own family's expectations of him. Struggles, that is, until he finds the music of Bruce Springsteen, who despite thousands of miles and a world of cultural difference, speaks to Javed's experiences. Now he just needs to find a way to express himself to his family.

Dora, now a teenager, has been plucked out of the jungle and dropped into high school. Until, that is, her parents disappear and she takes her new friends back to the jungle to rescue her family and unravel the mysteries of a lost city of gold.

After the Wedding PG-13
Overall: B-

Isabel is a dedicated volunteer for an orphanage in India. When she hears of a wealthy donor, she travels to New York to plead her case. But this donation comes with strings attached...

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Honey Boy

Otis Lort is a child actor, struggling to navigate the difficulties of the film industry. To make matters worse, his relationship with his father is chaotic, and as he grows up, he finds it more and more difficult to cope with that convoluted past.


A large family comes together for one day in beautiful Sintra, Portugal, to come to terms with their relationships and their lives.

21 Bridges

Andre Davis, and NYPD detective, is called in on a tough case- eight cops killed, and a colossal manhunt underway to find the two killers. The only way he can think to solve it is to lock down the entire island of Manhattan, but as he gets closer to the suspects, the case becomes more and more convoluted...

Frozen II

Arandelle faces a new threat- a strange magic which seems to come from the ancient and enchanted forest. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Svenn will have to work together to get past the forests defenses and find the cause of the problem.

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Bernadette gave up a lot of her dreams to support her family. But now she has a chance to make them all come true, and her family will have to find ways to support her through it...if they can find her at all.

Angel Has Fallen

What have you done for me lately? Mike Banning has saved the president's life in two adrenaline fueled attacks. But now he's been framed for an attempt on his life and goes on the run to expose the conspiracy.