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Ad Astra PG-13
Overall: A-

A search for his father leads Roy McBride on a deep-space mission, but what he discovers leads him to believe that his father may have more to do with Earth's problems than the solutions.

Rambo: Last Blood R
Overall: D-

John Rambo has been living a peaceful life on his own in the country. However, when his niece is kidnapped by a cartel in Mexico, Rambo gears up to take them out and protect his family.

Downton Abbey PG
Overall: A-

The Crawley family and their servants have had plenty of drama to be getting on with, but now there's a new cause for it: The King and Queen are going to pay a visit to Downton Abbey.

Before You Know It Not Rated
Overall: C+

Mel owns a theater, his flighty daughter Celia acts, his other daughter Rachel is the stage manager and makes sure the bills are paid. Then Mel dies and old family secrets turn their lives upside down.

Hustlers R
Overall: D

A group of New York City strippers, led by Ramona and Destiny, are struggling to get by following the 2008 financial crisis. In order to boost their incomes, they hatch a plan to scam wealthy stockbrokers out of their cash.

The Goldfinch R
Overall: D+

When his mother is killed in a terrorist bombing at an art museum, Theodore is taken in by a wealthy family. They know he'll be traumatized and emotionally scarred, but what they don't know is that in the confusion and the rubble after the bomb went off, Theodore stole a priceless painting called The Goldfinch.

Official Secrets R
Overall: A-

Katharine Gun works for British Intelligence, but struggles with the lies governments are telling the public in the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. When she leaks an NSA memo to the press exposing the American covert manipulation of allies, she will be forced into the spotlight.

Freaks R
Overall: B-

Chloe's father has kept her in their home her whole life to "protect" her from the dangers of the outside world. But the call of the Ice Cream truck passing outside might just be too much...

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Dark Phoenix PG-13
Overall: B-

Professor X and the X-Men have been working with Jean Grey, a powerful mutant. However, when Grey is exposed to a dangerous and mysterious cosmic force during a rescue mission, she finds herself unable to control her new powers. Now a threat to everything and everyone on Earth, the X-Men will have to find a way to stop their former ally.

After incurring the wrath of the international assassins guild he used to work for, John Wick has to go on the run with a huge bounty on his head.

The Dead Don’t Die R
Overall: C

Police Chief Cliff Robertson has a pretty easy job in the sleepy town of Centerville. Or at least, he thinks he does until the dead begin to rise from their graves to eat the living. Then it's down to him and his officers to rid the town of the undead menace.

Aladdin PG
Overall: B+

Aladdin, a good-hearted street urchin, changes his life when he finds a magic lamp containing a genie who grants him three wishes. But Aladdin isn't the only one who knows about the lamp. And Jafar, the Grand Vizier, has far more sinister plans for the genie.

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Upcoming New Movies


Blood Quantum

Not Rated
When a zombie plague erupts, a small Mi'kmaq community finds that members of their tribe are somehow immune to the virus. Contending with white refugees and the undead, the Mi'kmaq will have to balance individual human lives with the wellbeing of their entire community.

American Woman

Not Rated
Young heiress Patty Hearst's abduction in 1974 prompted a media circus- but the story behind the headlines about Jenny, the political activist responsible for taking care of her, might be even more dramatic.

Come to Daddy

Not Rated
Norval Greenwood has traveled to the middle of nowhere to reconnect with his estranged father, Gordon. Unfortunately for Norval, it seems there's a good reason his father was estranged in the first place...

Guest of Honour

Not Rated
Jim spends his days as a food safety inspector- until, that is, his daughter Veronica is accused of using her position as a teacher to have a relationship with a student. Her arrest prompts both her and her father to reevaluate their lives.

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John Shaft Junior gets wrapped up in the investigation of a friend's strange demise, and reaches out to his father, private detective John Shaft, for help.


Anna began her career as a model, but she's since launched a new career - a highly trained government assassin.

Child’s Play

When Karen gives her son Andy a doll for his birthday, she has no idea that playtime is going to get so dangerous.

Toy Story 4

Bonnie has "made" a new friend - a craft project cum toy named Forky. Trying to keep Forky safe on a family road trip leads the toys on comic misadventures and a reunion with an old friend.