Bank of Dave parents guide

Bank of Dave Parent Guide

This feel good underdog film is marred by some brief unnecessary profanity.

Overall B+

Netflix: A businessman in Northern England wants to set up a bank that will help people in his community, but the banking establishment hasn't chartered a new bank in 150 years and doesn't want to start now.

Release date January 15, 2024

Violence A
Sexual Content A
Profanity C
Substance Use B

Why is Bank of Dave rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Bank of Dave PG-13 for some strong language

Run Time: 107 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Hugh (Joel Fry) is a London lawyer who finds himself on an uncomfortable assignment in the unfamiliar northern countryside aiding a local hero named Dave Fishwick (Rory Kinnear). Dave is a successful minibus salesperson who has used his business acumen to help other townspeople invest wisely. The beneficiaries of his knowledge and generosity are encouraging him to start his own bank and, as a man who prides himself on believing in his community, Dave sets out to do just that. It’s been 150 years since a new bank has been chartered, so Hugh’s brief is to advise Dave and his town of Burnley as they struggle to fight the entrenched interests of the London-based banking establishment.

If you’ve ever lived in the UK, this feel-good tale of a small Northern town will definitely make you smile. It is one of those movies you can enjoy but it’s not something to write home about. Sometimes, it may feel like a Hallmark movie, but I suppose that’s the purpose of a ‘feel-good’ movie. The plot is quite standard in terms of the underdog story; a nerdy city boy finds peace and joy in the quiet countryside as well as a romantic connection and a simple good-guy triumphs against the establishment. Other than that, there’s not much to say about the cast. You’ve got your standard British bloke, quirky but friendly townspeople and the attractive single girl who inevitably ends up with the main character.

It may come as a shock that Bank of Dave is loosely based on true events. A quick Wikipedia search reveals that Dave Fishwick is a real person and his profits are donated to charity (just to add on to the good feelings). Many of the main events are fictional and exaggerated but they help to keep the viewers engaged. If you’re a fan of Def Leppard, you may enjoy a few more scenes.

The script contains some mild and moderate profanity as well as lots of British slang that some might find uncomfortable - but if Ron Weasley can get away with saying “bloody” in a children’s movie, Dave can be justified in calling a few banks some “buggers”. As someone who struggles with accents, I’ve come to appreciate the many dialects in the UK which is one of those nice touches that demonstrates that not every British person sounds like they’re from London!

As said before, Dave of Bank delivers plenty of optimism, faith in humanity and British hospitality. It is worth noting there is a soon-to-depart three-episode docuseries on Netflix that follows the real Dave Fishwick and his journey in forming his own bank. The Bank of Dave is sure to get a few chuckles out of the whole family and will get you talking about culture, community, and fighting the right battles. It’s certainly a pleasant change from explosions, spandex-clad combatants, and non-stop digital effects.

Directed by Chris Foggin. Starring Joel Fry, Rory Kinnear, Phoebe Dynevor, Hugh Bonneville. Running time: 107 minutes. Theatrical release January 15, 2024. Updated

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Bank of Dave
Rating & Content Info

Why is Bank of Dave rated PG-13? Bank of Dave is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some strong language

Violence: None
Sexual Content: There is a kiss between the main character and love interest. The main character accidently runs into a female coming out of the shower but she is wrapped in a towel. There is one scene where a drunk woman asks a man if she can stay overnight but there is no indication of sexual activity.
Profanity: There are around a dozen profanities in the film, primarily scatological curses but there are rare sexual expletives.
Alcohol / Drug Use: There are frequent scenes of adults consuming alcohol at bars and pubs. People drink champagne to celebrate. A woman becomes very intoxicated.

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Bank of Dave Parents' Guide

Why do you think people can be greedy? Is it important to help other people when you have the ability to do so? What motivates Dave? What do you think you can do to benefit other people in your community?

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If you can’t get enough of this David-and-Goliath business tale, you can read Dave Fishwick’s memoir Bank of Dave: How I Took on the Banks.

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