Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver parents guide

Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver Parent Guide

This isn't groundbreaking sci-fi cinema, but it delivers a coherent story with messages about courage and loyalty - and lots of violence.

Overall C

Netflix: Kora and Gunnar have returned to Veldt, with a group of seasoned warriors who will help the villagers defend themselves against the armies of the Imperium.

Release date April 19, 2024

Violence C-
Sexual Content C+
Profanity C-
Substance Use B

Why is Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver PG-13 for sequences of strong violence, brief strong language and suicide.

Run Time: 122 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Secure in the knowledge that she has killed Admiral Noble (Ed Skrein), Kora (Sofia Boutella) returns to Veldt with her fellow fighters to share the good news. But Kora is unaware that cutting-edge medical care has saved Noble’s life. Consumed with a desire to find Kora, the bloodthirsty Admiral is on his way to Veldt to seize the villagers’ grain and wreak his revenge against the woman he knows as Arthelais or the Scargiver.

As the villagers’ sense of security gives way to an urgent need to prepare for battle, Kora’s past and that of her fellow warriors take center stage. The villagers and battle-hardened veterans must trust each other if they hope to defeat the Imperium’s crack troops. They know that preparation will not save them all, but hopefully it will limit the number of their dead…

Netflix subscribers who watched the first movie won’t find anything unexpected here. This sequel colors within the lines drawn by Rebel Moon - Part One, wrapping up one story arc while laying the foundation for subsequent films. Director Zack Snyder is apparently planning a five or six part franchise but Netflix has decided that future films will depend on viewing numbers for this installment. Audiences are now in the driver’s seat, effectively voting with their clicks.

I find it impossible to summon up any strong feelings about this movie. Yes, it’s derivative and often predictable (I nailed the concluding plot twist while watching episode one). Zack Snyder also continues to massively overuse slow-motion shots in every possible scene, which is just as annoying as it was last year. However, the movie tells a coherent story, provides some character development, and looks reasonably good.

If you’re considering watching this movie with teens, you’ll be relieved to know that violence is a bit less brutal than it was the first time around, and there are no attempted sexual assaults. That doesn’t mean the film is family-friendly: it’s chock full of scenes of physical combat and weapons violence, including fights with bladed weapons and sci-fi energy weapons. Major characters die, which could be distressing to some viewers. You should be aware that other violent scenes involve attempted strangulations of a child and later a woman as well as a scene where a woman commits suicide by jumping off a balcony (her dead body is not seen). Profanity is infrequent, but there is a single sexual expletive towards the end of the script.

As with most films of its ilk, The Scargiver delivers messages of courage, self-sacrifice, loyalty, teamwork, and justice. It also dips a toe into darker waters when a flashback sees Kora described by the man who betrays her as “a cancer of ethnic impurities”. This scene provides yet another look at the ugliness of the Imperium, and some of the ideology that undergirds its totalitarianism. It’s a cautionary tale about blind obedience to evil, and the courage it takes to resist. That the film is less revolutionary than its tale is disappointing, but not surprising.

Directed by Zack Snyder. Starring Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Ed Skrein. Running time: 122 minutes. Theatrical release April 19, 2024. Updated

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Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver
Rating & Content Info

Why is Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver rated PG-13? Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for sequences of strong violence, brief strong language and suicide.

Violence: There are frequent scenes of hand-to-hand combat and fights with bladed weapons or sci-fi energy weapons. People are fatally stabbed. A person shoots and kills a child. A man shoots and kills a doctor. Hooded captives are slaughtered. There are frequent explosions, often followed by a shock wave. A grieving woman holds her murdered child. A woman cuts off her own arm to wear weaponized prosthetics. A person commits suicide by jumping from a balcony. There are scenes of battles involving spacecraft. A man tries to choke a child. A woman is fatally stabbed. A man is kicked into a furnace. A man tries to strangle a woman. Medical staff are shot and killed in cold blood while attempting to provide medical care. A man is thrown to his death from a space ship. People are seen with bloody injuries. A major explosion is deliberately set and leaves a trail of destruction. People set explosions that also kill them.
Sexual Content: A man and woman kiss. They are later seen in bed together in an implied post-coital scene.
Profanity: The script contains a single sexual expletive, a scatological curse, and two minor profanities.
Alcohol / Drug Use: Adults drink what is probably ale. A man drinks out of a flask but the contents are spring water.

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Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver Parents' Guide

Kora shares her backstory with Gunnar. Why do you think she obeyed Balisarius? What are the effects on her life from that decision? How does she try to atone for it?  What do we learn about the other warriors as they share their backstories?

Admiral Noble is more violent and brutal after he is revived. Why do you think Cassius obeys his orders?

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