Black and Blue R

Overall: C+

Even a badge won't protect you when you know too much.

Countdown PG-13

Overall: D

Like New Years Eve! Or not.

The family that slaughters the undead together, stays together.

The Addams Family PG

Overall: B-

Don't kid yourself, you've got an Uncle Fester somewhere in the family tree.

We're not sure what's got a sharper edge: this story or Angelina Jolie's CGI cheekbones.

Jexi R

Overall: D-

Artificial Intelligence does not entail Artificial Benevolence.

Gemini Man PG-13

Overall: C+

On the plus side, you can save money on a mirror.

This Changes Everything Not Rated

Overall: B+

Ironically, a documentary about female roles in media, directed by a man.