The Croods: A New Age PG

Overall: A-

Evolution isn't always kind.

Greenland PG-13

Overall: B+

It's generally not a good sign when the news starts talking about "Extinction Level Events"

Toys of Terror R

Overall: D

This is going to be a memorable Christmas...but not in a good way.

Love and Monsters PG-13

Overall: B

How far would you go for love? Did you take into account murderous monsters?

The Midnight Sky PG-13

Overall: B-

Don't look back.

Sylvie’s Love PG-13

Overall: C-

True love, slow jazz, and television. Who could ask for anything more?

All My Life PG-13

Overall: B+

Weddings are delicate events - it doesn't take much to send them off course.

The War with Grandpa PG

Overall: B

No one likes sharing their room but declaring war might not be a proportional response.