Suppressed: The Fight to Vote Not Rated

Overall: A

Elections belong to the people. Except when they don't.

Irresistible R

Overall: C

Small town politics have never been bigger.

Z Not Rated

Overall: C-

Every child has an invisible friend- most of them aren't real.

Blood Quantum Not Rated

Overall: D

Colonialism has brought another plague...

Deep Millennial malaise meets personal tragedy - a recipe for success.

The Outpost R

Overall: D-

It's like camping...except the guys in the next tent are the Taliban.

The High Note PG-13

Overall: C+

The music business is tough, and it's even worse when you're just the assistant.

Ride Your Wave Not Rated

Overall: A-

When your surfboard's been pulled out from under you, can you keep riding your waves?