Lucy in the Sky R

Overall: D

Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes...who has some serious problems adjusting to life on earth.

The family that slaughters the undead together, stays together.

Greener Grass Not Rated

Overall: B

The comedy is darker on the other side...

We're not sure what's got a sharper edge: this story or Angelina Jolie's CGI cheekbones.

Jexi R

Overall: D-

Artificial Intelligence does not entail Artificial Benevolence.

The Addams Family PG

Overall: B-

Don't kid yourself, you've got an Uncle Fester somewhere in the family tree.

High Strung Free Dance PG

Overall: B-

Is it free dance if you're trapped in a romantic triangle?

Gemini Man PG-13

Overall: C+

On the plus side, you can save money on a mirror.