Dolittle PG

Overall: C+

He can talk to animals- but they don't know what that accent is supposed to be either.

Bad Boys for Life R

Overall: D

Would you spend $90 million to prop up your ageing career? Because you shouldn't.

Weathering With You PG-13

Overall: C+

You are the sunshine of my life...literally.

1917 R

Overall: C+

Deliver a message, save your brother, and if at all possible, win the war...that's not too much to ask, is it?

Just Mercy PG-13

Overall: A

"Mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution; justice without mercy is cruelty."

Business and friendship are poor bedfellows.

Underwater PG-13

Overall: C

7 miles below the surface, and nothing like the world they know.

The Song of Names PG-13

Overall: A-

Brought together by war, separated by life, and reunited by music.