Wild Mountain Thyme PG-13

Overall: C-

The luck of the Irish meets an old family curse - which will win?

Wolfwalkers PG

Overall: A

But I bet you won't see them drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic's.

Giving Voice PG-13

Overall: A-

A dramatic monologue competition giving young people the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Prom PG-13

Overall: B

Some self-serving virtue signalling with unintentionally benevolent consequences.

Songbird PG-13

Overall: D-

I can't get out...

Safety PG

Overall: A-

College football is hard - so is secretly raising a family in your dorm room.

Rose Island TV-14

Overall: C+

No man is an island unto himself - except one Italian engineer.

Sound of Metal R

Overall: B

Drummers never say die.