Extraction R

Overall: D

Mercenaries and drug lords and kidnappers, oh my!

Miss Juneteenth Not Rated

Overall: C+

Beauty pageants may be strange, but they seem to be a decent career choice.

The Willoughbys PG

Overall: C

Putting the "fun" in dysfunction

Looks That Kill Not Rated

Overall: C

He's got a face to die for...

Dads TV-14

Overall: B

Parenting aint easy - just ask your dad!

Mr. Jones Not Rated

Overall: B-

Not everyone wants to hear the truth...

Feel the Beat Not Rated

Overall: B-

If at first you don't succeed, manipulate other people to get what you want.

7500 R

Overall: C+

The only thing that could make flying less fun - no, not a crying baby.