Chemical Hearts R

Overall: C+

Every good relationship needs chemistry...

The Sleepover TV-PG

Overall: C

And you thought your parents were weird...

The One and Only Ivan PG

Overall: A-

Apparently, 500 pound gorillas have less personal freedom than old jokes led me to believe.

The Outpost R

Overall: D-

It's like camping...except the guys in the next tent are the Taliban.

Fearless TV-G

Overall: C

It is possible for a video game to be too realistic.

Zombies 2 TV-G

Overall: B+

Teenagers, zombies, and werewolves...Haven't we heard this story before?

Magic Camp PG

Overall: A-

Now you see it...

Boys State PG-13

Overall: A

More "Lord of the Flies" than "Model UN"