Light of My Life R

Overall: A-

These daddy-daughter camping trips have taken a dark turn.

Spider-Man: Far From Home PG-13

Overall: B+

The farther he is from home, the closer he is to danger.

Yesterday PG-13

Overall: B

Who was the walrus, after all?

Toy Story 4 G

Overall: A

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep...Or they've lost her. Woody's off to the rescue.

Child’s Play R

Overall: D

Remember to take care of your toys... before your toys "take care" of you.

Anna R

Overall: D

She's got the brains, the beauty, the brawn...and a really big gun.

Shaft R

Overall: D

Triple the Shafts, triple the body count.

Dark Phoenix PG-13

Overall: B-

To rise from the ashes, this phoenix will first burn everything to the ground.