Fatal Affair TV-14

Overall: D+

Old friends are not necessarily the best friends.

Enter the Fat Dragon TV-14

Overall: B-

Don't underestimate the fat guy - especially if he's a martial arts expert.

Money Plane Not Rated

Overall: D+

An unbelievable heist...really, it's unbelievable.

Relic R

Overall: C

Everyone thinks there's something creepy about their grandparents' house...it's not usually the whole house.

From the Vine Not Rated

Overall: C+

Under the Italian sun...

Palm Springs R

Overall: C

I don't even like going to weddings the first time - let alone infintely.

Greyhound PG-13

Overall: B

There's nothing like the creeping feeling of being watched - it's even better when the people watching you have torpedoes.

The Old Guard R

Overall: C

Dying seems scary - until you can't do it.