The Main Event TV-G

Overall: A-

Following your dreams can be magic.

Love. Wedding. Repeat TV-MA

Overall: D+

For better or for worse?

Coffee & Kareem Not Rated

Overall: D-

Buddy cop movies have never been less "buddy buddy".

Dolphin Reef G

Overall: A

Dive under the sea with Echo and his family of bottlenose dolphins!

The Vast of Night PG-13

Overall: A

Strange vibrations on desert radio... I think that's just normal in New Mexico.

Capone R

Overall: D

The bad die young too, it seems.

Blue Story R

Overall: C-

Gang life isn't conducive to good family relations.

StarDog and TurboCat PG

Overall: C

There is a proud tradition of shooting animals into space - this isn't part of that.