Picture from Battleship
Overall C+

"You sunk my Battleship!" The legendary game becomes a movie but the opponent is not what you would expect. The crew of a U.S. battleship finds what appears to be the first sign of alien life on Earth but before they can investigate monstrous machines and mechanical weapons begin attacking -- first by sea and then by land.

Violence C
Sexual Content B+
Profanity C
Substance Use C+

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, action and destruction, and for language.

Talk to your kids about…


Actual destroyers featured in the film include the USS Sampson, USS John Paul Jones, USS Ronald Reagan and USS Missouri. The USS Missouri now serves as the centerpiece of the Battleship Missouri Memorial in Pearl Harbor. Would a retired battleship that is serving as a museum still have live ammunition aboard? How easy would it be for the soldiers to get the boat up and running in a matter of minutes? How does the warfare conducted during the Korean War compare with combat today?

US Army Colonel Gregory Gadson serves as a Director in the US Wounded Warrior Project, a program designed to assist and support severely wounded or sick soldiers and their families. How can these programs help soldiers and their families adjust to difficult circumstances?

RIMPAC is the world’s largest international maritime exercise involving numerous nations. The event is meant to promote stability in the region. RIMPAC 2012 begins June 29.