Halloween (2018)
Halloween (2018) (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jan 2019)
It's been forty years and Michael Myers is back for his final confrontation with Laurie Strode.
The Goods - Live Hard, Sell Hard
The Goods - Live Hard, Sell Hard (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2016)
If the used car industry sometimes has a reputation for hiring sleazy salesmen, it is thanks to the likes of Don Ready (Jeremy Piven). Worse than even the stereotype suggests, this hard-living hustler is about to share his selling secrets with the employees of a failing auto dealership.
BFCA 2010 Nominations (News and Views, Last Update Jul 2017)
Ready or Not
Ready or Not (Movie Reviews, Last Update Apr 2020)
Grace has just married Adam, the son of a powerful but strange family. As part of welcoming her to the family, they insist upon playing a game of hide and seek. Little does Grace know, she has stumbled into a dangerous ritual which will culminate in her death...that is, unless she can escape from her heavily-armed in-laws before they find her and kill her.
Get Ready, Get Set, Get Prepared! (News and Views, Last Update Sep 2009)
Somewhere (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2016)
Actor Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) seems to have everything: Fancy hotel room, sporty car and all the women he could want. Then his eleven-year-old daughter (Elle Fanning) shows up on his doorstep. Forced into taking care of the girl, Johnny must also decide if he is ready to take responsibility for his life.
Bob Marley: One Love
Bob Marley: One Love (Movie Reviews, Last Update Feb 2024)
Theaters: The story of legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley and his message of peace in turbulent times.
4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your Child a Smartphone (News and Views, Last Update Mar 2015)
Tell Me When
Tell Me When (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2021)
Netflix: After his grandfather's death, Will follows his wishes and travels to Mexico. There he meets Dani, the daughter of an old family friend, who pushes him into new experiences.
Major Grom: Plague Doctor
Major Grom: Plague Doctor (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2021)
Netflix: In this Russian film, Major Grom of the St. Petersburg police is on the hunt for the Plague Doctor, a masked killer who wants to "cleanse" the city of corrupt elites.
First Date
First Date (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2021)
Digital on Demand: Mike's bought a used car to use on a date with his crush. But this car's in the sights of some dangerous criminals and this date is about to go bad in a big way.
How to Date Billy Walsh
How to Date Billy Walsh (Movie Reviews, Last Update Apr 2024)
Amazon Prime: Archie finally feels ready to tell his BFF Milly that he loves her. And then a glamorous American boy starts attending their school...
Cruella (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2021)
Disney+: The story behind Cruella DeVil, the flamboyantly cruel fashion aficionado in "101 Dalmatians".
Operation Finale
Operation Finale (Movie Reviews, Last Update Dec 2018)
It is 15 years after World War II, yet the horrors of the holocaust still loom large in the memories of the Jewish people. So a group of secret agents are assigned to follow a lead on the whereabouts of Adolf Eichmann (played by Ben Kingsley), the mastermind behind the Final Solution, and bring him to justice for his role in the Nazi genocide.
Space Cowboys
Space Cowboys (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)