The In Crowd parents guide

The In Crowd Parent Guide

Overall D

Henry Thompson (Daniel Hugh Kelly) is a physician at a psychiatric hospital, who has been working with Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring), a patient that developed a sexual obsession.

Release date July 19, 2000

Violence D+
Sexual Content D
Profanity C-
Substance Use D

Why is The In Crowd rated PG-13? The MPAA rated The In Crowd PG-13 for violence, sexuality, language and drug content.

Run Time: 105 minutes

Parent Movie Review

The In Crowd - Official site This movie is so ridiculous that I can’t even begin to offer a plot summary without criticizing it. Henry Thompson (Daniel Hugh Kelly) is a physician at a psychiatric hospital, who has been working with Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring), a patient that developed a sexual obsession as a teenager by fantasizing about her previous psychiatrist who was trying to help her overcome the pain of her parent’s divorce. When that doctor didn’t return her affection, she remodeled his car with a hockey stick.

But Doc Thompson figures Adrien—just out of her teen years—is now ready to try society again, so he arranges a job for her at a posh seaside resort where a group of hormonally unbalanced, drug using, alcohol addicted young “adults” spend their summers while their wealthy parents pay their booze bills. Obviously the perfect place for a recovering sex addict…

The In Crowd - Official site Enter Brittany Foster (Susan Ward), center of the clique, who takes an unusual, almost sexual interest in lowly Adrien. When other members of the opulent peer group (including a professed lesbian) warn Adrien to stay away from Brittany because of her manipulative nature, Adrien attributes their advice to jealousy and class distinction. Besides, Brittany (who is fond of wandering around half-naked, thus providing frontal female nudity in this movie) shows no shortage of interest in the opposite sex too, judging by her not-so-subtle advances toward Doc Thompson, who keeps dropping by to “check up” on Adrien. In fact, the biggest challenge of the script is remembering that only one of these characters was supposed to have a psychological problem.

The In Crowd - Official site Degenerating into almost a slasher style thriller, the ludicrous story serves up unnecessary violent and sexual content, implausible chase sequences and horrible acting, in a feeble attempt to teach kids to be wary of the “in crowd.” Meanwhile, almost every scene features people holding drinks, including one individual who’s supposedly recovering from substance abuse. Consequently this film fits its PG-13 rating about as well as the overflowing bikinis it often portrays.

Starring Susan Ward, Lori Heuring, Matthew Settle. Running time: 105 minutes. Theatrical release July 19, 2000. Updated

The In Crowd Parents' Guide

Nathan Bexton, one of the actors in this film, made the follow statement at the movie’s premiere (found at ): “Everyone wants to envision themselves in that fantasy realm, and I guess as a responsible film maker you have to show the consequences there are—which there are—you know… shallow mentality, but Porsche… all the sex you want, but herpes. It’s like, you know, there’s tradeoffs.”

What is implied about wealthy people in Nathan’s comment ... “shallow mentality, but Porsche”? How often do we often see rich people portrayed as negative characters? Why?

Do you feel the filmmakers showed responsibility in their portrayal of consequences for the behaviors they depicted? Are any of these consequences ever shown in a comic or vengeful manner? Many of the lesser characters spend summer after summer doing drugs, sex, and booze. Are the negative outcomes of these lifestyle choices ever portrayed within the movie? If you wrote this film, what consequences would you predict for these characters?

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