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Product Integration: The Elusive Art of Buying Audiences (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2006)

…If you watched last year’s season of The Contender—a boxing reality TV series where prize fighters get a chance to punch in the big ring at Caesar’s Palace for one million dollars—do you know what happened an average of 500 times per episode?

Pulling Young People Into The Matrix (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2006)

…I’m often asked to present media sessions in schools. I’m amazed how frequently arms shoot up in an elementary classroom and “The Matrix!” is exclaimed in response to “What’s your favorite movie?”

Movie Ratings: Not Suitable for Adults (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2006)

…Often critics and other film industry types lament and whine over why a movie received an R-rating when it deserved a PG-13. This nonsensical demonstration of supposed artistic rights doesn’t win much sympathy from my mouth for one simple reason – these vocal opponents have long forgotten the true purpose…

Falling on Deaf Ears (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2006)

…If you ride mass transit, you may have had the experience of sharing the music from another passenger’s personal stereo. Recently, I could clearly understand the obnoxious lyrics of a teenaged girl’s music, even though she was sitting many seats away from me.

Grandmother Leads Fight Against Porn (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2006)

…You’ve been through the tragedy of having your husband die from cancer, leaving you with eight children, the youngest only two-years-old. Later you find the right man to marry, and your children meet his thirteen to bring the total to twenty-one. Over the years, you accept another sixteen young people…

With Enough Time The Truth About TV Violence Becomes Clear (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2006)

…Your nine-year-old is complaining once again because he has the only parent in the world that won’t let him watch violent television programs. And you find yourself wondering once again if you’re just too picky.

V-chip for Video Games (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2006)

…If you’ve done your homework, and have enabled your "shields," your TV’s V-chip should be helping you manage what your children watch and your DVD players should have their content rating features activated. But what about your video game system? You may have decided your kids won’t be playing any…

Oscars Cold Shoulder to Families (The Big Picture, Last Update Feb 2006)

…A recent article in the entertainment industry trade magazine Variety talks about the great amount of money the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and ABC Television are spending to convince masses of people the upcoming Oscar telecast is worth watching. They are especially concerned after news broke that…

Cuts in Panther Lead to Box Office Success (The Big Picture, Last Update Feb 2006)

…After screening the latest Pink Panther film a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help but be surprised at the lack of objectionable content. There are some mild sexual innuendos—one involving the infamous little blue pill—but I was expecting the gags to go out of control. Not so. Instead, the…

Once Again, Parents Are Being Told What’s Good For Their Children (The Big Picture, Last Update Feb 2006)

…I’ve been keeping a lid on my opinions regarding Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 for the simple reason I have not yet seen the film. Up to this point, all I can do is surmise Moore may be more of a publicist than a filmmaker. He’s certainly managed to whip up…

Once Again We See the Power of Media Influence (The Big Picture, Last Update Feb 2006)

…I’ve read well over a hundred studies that cite the various affects of media on audiences—usually young people. The bookshelves of knowledge continue to grow, with early research being conducted primarily on the topic of violence in films and on television. As time has passed, an even broader range of…

Making Sure Your Shields Aren’t Down (The Big Picture, Last Update Nov 2005)

…I’m not what you would call a "Trekkie," but I must admit to enjoying many of the older Star Trek films, when (in my opinion) the franchise hit its peak. Way back in the 1980s, Captain Kirk was king, and in The Wrath of Khan, he showed how he could…

Tickle U: Is It Selling to Your 2 Year Old? (The Big Picture, Last Update Aug 2005)

…The constant purveyor of everything animated, Cartoon Network has introduced a new daily series that has garnered an usual amount of press attention. Tickle U isn’t actually a program in itself, but instead is a two-hour block of a variety animated short series, all of which are expressly developed to…

Take2 Interactive: Guilty of Mocking ESRB Ratings? (The Big Picture, Last Update Jul 2005)

…Is it a game publishers dream? Or nightmare?    Just when you thought the controversy surrounding Take2 Interactive’s Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas was fading away, a new development has brought the game back to the forefront of news media—and likely cash registers.

Let’s Put Technology to Work! (The Big Picture, Last Update Jul 2005)

…It’s been an amazing couple of decades. I can still recall bringing my first VCR in the door shortly after I was married. The Betamax took a prominent place on our econo bookcase, and cost as much as a good quality used car. I promised my wife we would only…

TV Ratings—Time To Change the Program (The Big Picture, Last Update Apr 2005)

…The Parent Television Council’s recently released report on television ratings confirms what nearly any parent who watches television already knows: That, in general, the TV ratings system isn’t meeting the needs of the portion of the population it’s designed to assist.

The Game of Revising Ratings (The Big Picture, Last Update Apr 2005)

…In the late 1980s, the MPAA introduced the PG-13 rating in an effort to make a stepping-stone between PG and R. Now, the Entertainment Software Review Board (ESRB) has made a similar move with their video game rating system—except it’s near the tamer end of the scale.

Is Pornography Addictive? (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2005)

…Part 3 – Who Do You Believe?    This is Part 3 of a three-part series. The opening article can be read here.

Is Pornography Addictive? (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2005)

…Part 2 – A “Natural Teacher” or “Irresponsible and Dangerous?”        This is Part 2 of a three-part series. The opening article can be read here.

Is Pornography Addictive? (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2005)

…Part 1 – The Facts Are Sketchy, But the Picture is Clear You’ve done everything you can. You filter your Internet connection. The V-chip is activated in your television. The parental lock is set on all your DVD players. And you keep an eye on video games and music coming…

Navigating the New World of Mean Girls (The Big Picture, Last Update Feb 2005)

…Are girls getting meaner? It appears so. Over the past decade, experts have noted an increase in aggressive behavior involving female teens. But why is it happening? And how much effect do entertainment role models have on young girls who are either becoming bullies or are the recipients of derogatory…

EmPOWered Women (The Big Picture, Last Update Feb 2005)

…Female empowerment is becoming a big star on the silver screen of late. The images of women in need of protection are passé... the message of the new millennium is, “You go girl!”

In America and Overseas, Girls Yearn for a “Nip/Tuck” (The Big Picture, Last Update Jan 2005)

…A recent survey conducted by a fashion magazine in Scotland asked young girls of that country what they would do to make themselves look more attractive. The surprising results showed nice clothes and the latest hairstyles are being replaced by something far more permanent: Plastic surgery.

Garry Marshall Defends Family Movies (The Big Picture, Last Update Oct 2004)

…When Raising Helen released, I felt it would likely rank as one of the best family films of 2004. As the months have passed, I still hold firm to that opinion.

Classroom Matinees (The Big Picture, Last Update Oct 2004)

…As a child, whenever I complained about being bored my mother would tell me to, “Go read a good book.” While studies show many children and teens still follow such sound advice, watching television and movies are still far more popular choices for recreational activities.

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