Coming Home
Coming Home (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
When Lu (Daoming Chen) is released from a labor camp after serving almost two decades as a political prisoner, he returns to his family only to find his wife (Li Gong) no longer remember who he is.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
Andy Samberg plays a pop/rap star known as conner4real. When his latest album flops, the musician is forced to look at other alternatives to prop up his career -- including the detestable notion of reuniting with his former band, The Style Boyz.
Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson
Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
A modern-day pirate (Frank Collison) wants the world to return to it's old fashioned way of doing things by removing technology. When all else fails, it is up to Mickey Matson (Derek Brandon) and his friend Sully (Francesca Derosa) to stop his diabolical plan.
Patriots Day
Patriots Day (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, first responders and investigation personal pulled together to find the those responsible for the act of terror. This movie dramatizes the the events through the eyes of a fictitious police sergeant (played by Mark Wahlberg), with real life players being depicted by John Goodman (Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis), Kevin Bacon (Special Agent Richard Deslauriers) and J.K. Simmons (Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese).
xXx: The Return of Xander Cage
xXx: The Return of Xander Cage (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
xXx is believed dead --- but Xander Cage (Vin Diesel), the extreme athlete turned government agent, gets back into the game when a friend is killed and his country begs him to help stop powerful technology from falling into dangerous hands.
Best of 2015 - Academy Awards 2016 (News and Views, Last Update Jul 2017)
Baywatch (Movie Reviews, Last Update Aug 2017)
Based on the TV show of the same name, Baywatch follows some toned and tanned lifeguards (Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron) as they protect the beach-going public.
Elvis & Nixon
Elvis & Nixon (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
You've seen the photo, now hear the story -- or at least what the scriptwriters believe to be the conversation that took place between Elvis (played by Michael Shannon) and Nixon (played by Kevin Spacey) on the day in 1970 when a famous snapshot of the two was taken.
Collateral Beauty
Collateral Beauty (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
A successful New York advertising executive (Will Smith) retreats from life after a personal tragedy. Not content to watch him isolate himself from the world, his friends come up with a plan to help him overcome his grief.
Boo! A Madea Halloween
Boo! A Madea Halloween (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
Tyler Perry don’s his drag clothes once again to play Madea. This time the feisty black grandma is warding off rebellious teens while bringing on Halloween hijinks.
Nerve (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
A high school student (Emma Roberts) gets caught in a virtual game that has dangerous effects on her reality.
The Wild Life
The Wild Life (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
The animals of a small, uninhabited island are curious when a shipwrecked stranger (voice of Yuri Lowenthal) washes ashore. This take-off of the Robinson Crusoe story is told from the perspective of a parrot (voice of David Howard).
The Light Between Oceans
The Light Between Oceans (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
When a lighthouse keeper and his wife (Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander) find a baby adrift in a rowboat, the couple decides to raise the child as their own. Several years later they discover their little girl's real mother (Rachel Weisz) may yet be alive.
Hardcore Henry
Hardcore Henry (Movie Reviews, Last Update Jul 2017)
This movie is filmed like a first-person-shooter video game. You are Henry, a man suffering from amnesia after being brought back to life as a cyborg. All you know is that someone has kidnapped your wife (Haley Bennett) and now they are trying to kill you...