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Let’s Put Technology to Work! (The Big Picture, Last Update Jul 2005)

…It’s been an amazing couple of decades. I can still recall bringing my first VCR in the door shortly after I was married. The Betamax took a prominent place on our econo bookcase, and cost as much as a good quality used car. I promised my wife we would only…

TV Ratings—Time To Change the Program (The Big Picture, Last Update Apr 2005)

…The Parent Television Council’s recently released report on television ratings confirms what nearly any parent who watches television already knows: That, in general, the TV ratings system isn’t meeting the needs of the portion of the population it’s designed to assist.

The Game of Revising Ratings (The Big Picture, Last Update Apr 2005)

…In the late 1980s, the MPAA introduced the PG-13 rating in an effort to make a stepping-stone between PG and R. Now, the Entertainment Software Review Board (ESRB) has made a similar move with their video game rating system—except it’s near the tamer end of the scale.

Is Pornography Addictive? (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2005)

…Part 3 – Who Do You Believe?    This is Part 3 of a three-part series. The opening article can be read here.

Is Pornography Addictive? (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2005)

…Part 2 – A “Natural Teacher” or “Irresponsible and Dangerous?”        This is Part 2 of a three-part series. The opening article can be read here.

Is Pornography Addictive? (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2005)

…Part 1 – The Facts Are Sketchy, But the Picture is Clear You’ve done everything you can. You filter your Internet connection. The V-chip is activated in your television. The parental lock is set on all your DVD players. And you keep an eye on video games and music coming…

Navigating the New World of Mean Girls (The Big Picture, Last Update Feb 2005)

…Are girls getting meaner? It appears so. Over the past decade, experts have noted an increase in aggressive behavior involving female teens. But why is it happening? And how much effect do entertainment role models have on young girls who are either becoming bullies or are the recipients of derogatory…

EmPOWered Women (The Big Picture, Last Update Feb 2005)

…Female empowerment is becoming a big star on the silver screen of late. The images of women in need of protection are passé... the message of the new millennium is, “You go girl!”

In America and Overseas, Girls Yearn for a “Nip/Tuck” (The Big Picture, Last Update Jan 2005)

…A recent survey conducted by a fashion magazine in Scotland asked young girls of that country what they would do to make themselves look more attractive. The surprising results showed nice clothes and the latest hairstyles are being replaced by something far more permanent: Plastic surgery.

Garry Marshall Defends Family Movies (The Big Picture, Last Update Oct 2004)

…When Raising Helen released, I felt it would likely rank as one of the best family films of 2004. As the months have passed, I still hold firm to that opinion.

Classroom Matinees (The Big Picture, Last Update Oct 2004)

…As a child, whenever I complained about being bored my mother would tell me to, “Go read a good book.” While studies show many children and teens still follow such sound advice, watching television and movies are still far more popular choices for recreational activities.

I’ll Have A PG-13 Please… Extra Violence, Hold the Sex (The Big Picture, Last Update Sep 2004)

…When you watch as many movies as I do, you begin to see patterns developing—not only in types of movies made, but also how they are fine-tuned to fit into a particular classification. This is especially true of the popular PG-13 slot.

Good and Bad Video Games: The Divide Widens (The Big Picture, Last Update Sep 2004)

…Have you ever heard of No, this isn’t an Internet hangout for hard-core gamers that fit the stereotypical image. Instead, this is an initiative project founded at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington DC.

Can Celebrity Problems Affect Your Family? (The Big Picture, Last Update Sep 2004)

…It’s not easy living in a fishbowl, especially when you’ve been swimming in the public eye since you were born. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have literally grown up on our television screens. But perhaps the most important role they have unwittingly assumed during their glamorous careers is that of virtual…

Signing Away Your Kids (The Big Picture, Last Update Aug 2004)

…Imagine sending your child over to a stranger’s house for two hours. While there, you have a guarantee she will not be physically abused in any way, but the unknown adult with may say or do anything he wants, such as: take his clothes off, have sex with other partners,…

The Best Shot for Hollywood (The Big Picture, Last Update Aug 2004)

…You know you’re getting somewhere when a newspaper writer on the other side of the continent takes his best shot at your cause.

Former Teacher Brings Real Lives to Video Games (The Big Picture, Last Update Jun 2004)

…Many parents have bemoaned the time their children spend playing video games. However, there is light at the end of the screen with some of the latest recreational software, which actually have the ability to entertain, as well as <gasp!> teach valuable information to keyboarding kids.

The After School TV Blue (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2004)

…Chances are your children come home from school feeling like they’ve run the 100-meter sprint. Exhausted from a hard day over the books, they want some “R ‘n R” time, and the most likely place they’ll choose to recline is in front of the television.

The Faithful Are Still Easy Pickings in Media (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2004)

…My kids love blonde jokes. And for the most part, I put up with it. But I don’t know that I’m making the best decision. No matter how innocent it may seem, teaching children it’s permissible to make fun of any identifiable group of people, is potentially dangerous.

Is it Real or Reel? (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2004)

…The media has always loved a good hoax. Take a look at this classic segment from 1957 when the serious British news program titled Panorama presented a two-and-a-half minute story covering the annual spaghetti harvest in Switzerland. The clip shows workers carefully lifting the noodles from the branches of spaghetti…

Television Contributes to Attention Deficit Problems. Are We Surprised? (The Big Picture, Last Update Apr 2004)

…Its been a while since I’ve sat down for a hearty feast of Saturday morning entertainment, and if it wasn’t for a seminar I was asked to present to a large group of teachers, I don’t know that I would have ever gotten around to meeting some of these top…

Selling our Children &ndash; Product Placements (The Big Picture, Last Update Apr 2004)

…E.T. – The Extraterrestrial was memorable for many reasons. But for the marketing industry, the film changed media forever.

A Porn Hero? In a Teen Comedy? Look Out For “The Girl Next Door” (The Big Picture, Last Update Apr 2004)

…When hardened artistic film critics begin calling down studios for poor moral decisions, it’s time to stop and listen.

Selling Our Children: Thinking Outside of the Box (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2004)

…The cold cereal flows with sophisticated 3D animated effects, while the announcer proclaims the multi-colored shapes to be “a part of this good breakfast.” The quick flash of the oversized bowl filled with the star product, sitting prominently in the center of the shot, will likely distract even the sharpest…

Getting Fat on Television (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2004)

…San Francisco Bay Area parents don’t want soft drink vending machines in their schools. Nor do they like the idea of having advertisements promoting food and beverages to their children in their educational environments. They are also likely to have their kids involved in organized sports on an annual basis.

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