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Have Movies Will Travel (The Big Picture, Last Update Jul 2009)

…For anyone who has seen the disastrous road trip portrayed in Are We There Yet? the idea of packing up the family for a long car ride might be the last thing they are interested in doing.

New Potter Movie Is Back To PG—But Don’t Get Too Excited (The Big Picture, Last Update Jul 2009)

…The Harry Potter series began in the realms of PG ratings, but the last two (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) went into PG-13 territory. However, the latest magical movie—Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince—has been…

Chinese Government Insists Parents Have Internet Filters (The Big Picture, Last Update Jun 2009)

…I know it makes the skin of any card carrying ACLU member crawl, but the Chinese government announced this week that all new computers being sold in the country need to have parental filtering software installed by July 1 of this year.

Welcome to the New Parent Previews (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2009)

…Last September the three of us agreed it was time to give Parent Previews a whole new look. Our current site (the one you saw prior to this one) was built on code written by over a half-dozen people over the course of just as many years. Needless to say…

Spring Branding Roundup At The Movies (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2009)

…When it comes to product placements in films, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is one of the best early examples of this form of advertising. Sales of the little peanut butter candy skyrocketed after Elliott lured the little space alien into his house with a bag of Reese’s Pieces.

Should You Listen to Dr. Oprah? (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2009)

…Celebrities are quick to endorse products, religions and even health therapies. But should we listen to people who are far from being doctors or scientists?

More Than a Just a Game: Video Game and Internet Use During Emerging Adulthood (The Big Picture, Last Update Jan 2009)

…This study from Brigham Young University is unusual in that it looked at young adults and how their video game and Internet use was related to their likeliness to become involved in risk-taking activities like drinking, drug use and recreational sex. The results indicate video game use was linked to…

Does Watching Sex on Television Predict Teen Pregnancy? (The Big Picture, Last Update Nov 2008)

…This article may be the first that looks at actual data that suggests there is a prospective link between exposure to sexual content on television and the likelihood of experiencing a pregnancy before the age of 20. The data was collected over 3 years.

Networked Families (The Big Picture, Last Update Oct 2008)

…Parents and spouses are using the internet and cell phones to create a “new connectedness” that builds on remote connections and shared internet experiences. This study, from the Pew Internet Project and the University of Toronto, discovers the traditional two-parent nuclear family is the type most likely to embrace cell…

Mitch Albom’s “For One More Day” (The Big Picture, Last Update Dec 2007)

…With slim pickings on television lately, the premiere of a new movie based on the book For One More Day by Mitch Albom may be the refreshing break you have been yearning for. I took a look at a pre-broadcast screening and feel this is a film that is definitely…

Making “News” In Your Classroom (The Big Picture, Last Update Nov 2007)

…Teaching students to become critical consumers of news media has always been important, but even more so today with the sound of war looming. Not only is this prospect frightening for many young people, they (along with many adults!) also don’t have the tools required to discover the complete details.

What Parents Need to Know TVs in Children’s Bedrooms (The Big Picture, Last Update Oct 2007)

…Is bedside television a normal part of your children’s lives? If so, you will no doubt be interested in what two recent studies have revealed about young children watching TV.

Science Debunks the Movies (The Big Picture, Last Update Sep 2007)

…Adam Weiner has found an innovative way to challenge his science students to think differently about the media they watch—he uses movies to demonstrate how impossible most of the stunts and scenarios we see in entertainment are.

Branding Isn’t Just for Cattle (The Big Picture, Last Update Aug 2007)

…If you’ve been branded, say "Mooooooo!"  At least that’s what cows do when they are marked to show who possesses them.

Teens Talking Drugs—Do You Understand? (The Big Picture, Last Update Aug 2007)

…A couple of moths ago, Nielsen BuzzMetrics (the same "Nielsen" that tracks television viewers) released information from a study commissioned by Caron Treatment Centers that looked at what teens were discussing during the hours they spend posting messages on websites. The final document [link:] is an enlightening read that…

Not Just American Parents Are Heated Up Over Profanities (The Big Picture, Last Update Jul 2007)

…Al Gore had his weekend in the sun after organizing concerts in various countries with the goal of making the world aware of global warming. (I can’t help but wonder how anyone on this planet with a television hasn’t already heard about this issue?) However, after this weekend’s Live Earth…

Changes in Movie Ratings—Yet Again (The Big Picture, Last Update Jul 2007)

…In January I wrote about new MPAA head Dan Glickman’s encouraging remarks to filmmakers to create more NC-17 movies and have them playing at suburban theaters. [] But over the past few months—and especially the last two weeks—I’m seeing other changes that I haven’t heard any…

Kellogg Makes A Sweet Change (The Big Picture, Last Update Jun 2007)

…Known for flagship brands like Sugar Frosted Flakes (yes, "theeeeeeey’re Great!"), the company says it will no longer promote foods in the media to audiences in which the majority of viewers are under 12 unless the specific products meet a wide range of new standards. These include caps on the…

What Is Your Child Packing On Their Phone? (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2007)

…A couple of weeks ago my son, who is in his freshman year, came home with a troubled look on his face. "Can I talk to you about something?" he asked.

Graphic Help For Reluctant Readers (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2007)

…Ever heard of graphic novels? If you’re thinking of 400 page pocket books with embossed covers of buxom maidens, you’ve got the wrong idea. I’m talking about a different kind of graphic!

The Church and Media: Common Concerns (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2007)

…For The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the effects of media on the family are front-page news. In their September 2004 issue of The Ensign, the official publication of this U.S. based sect, their president, Gordon B. Hinckley, opens his prominently placed Page 3 column by stating his…

Understanding the Risks of Wireless Internet in your Home (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2007)

…Over the past few years, one particular technology has quickly moved into homes at an amazingly rapid pace. Wireless Internet routers—a small box that can easily distribute your home Internet service anywhere in the house—have become a common addition to any Internet savvy family.

Some Secrets Hollywood Shouldn’t Keep (The Big Picture, Last Update May 2007)

…Usually, the great entertainment machine is unable to keep a secret about anything – especially if it has to do with someone’s sexual morals.

Give Your Kids a Chance to Create! (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2007)

…I spend a great deal of time writing about the problems of media. Study after study linking the affects of violence, quantity of television, and violent sexual content of popular music with real life behaviors have been reported through my keyboard.

The “Vast Wasteland” Continues (The Big Picture, Last Update Mar 2007)

…A few days ago I presented a keynote address for an educational group that specializes in media and its affects on children. I assumed many in the room would be familiar with what is often referred to as the "Vast Wasteland" speech given by Newton N. Minow, President Kennedy’s newly…

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