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Still shot from the movie: Star Trek: First Contact.

Star Trek: First Contact

In this eighth Star Trek theatrical movie (based on the popular TV show), the crew of the Enterprise is battling the evil Borg who are looking to expand into a new neighborhood: Earth! With Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) at the helm, these Star Fleet officers are left with no other choice but to do what Kirk (from the 1960s series) has done so many times before -- break the rules and go save the day. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: C-
Sexual Content: C+
Language: B
Drugs/Alcohol: --
Run Time: 111
Theater Release: 22 Nov 1996
Video Release: 07 Oct 1998
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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Star Trek: First Contact is rated PG-13: for some sci-fi adventure violence.

Director: Jonathan Frakes
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner.
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Website: Official site for Star Trek: First Contact.

Detailed Review

Like many Treks before, First Contact combines the popular appeal of sci-fi with the endearing personalities we have watched over TV dinners for more than two decades. This familiarity… 
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