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Still shot from the movie: The Monuments Men.

The Monuments Men

Knowing that Hitler's plans for conquest also include destroying the art and culture of the people, the army puts together a small task force to go into the war zone and protect irreplaceable monuments. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: A-
Violence: C
Sexual Content: B+
Language: C
Drugs/Alcohol: C-
Run Time: 118
Theater Release: 07 Feb 2014
Video Release: 20 May 2014
MPAA Rating: PG-13
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On March 19, 1945 Adolf Hitler issued the Nero Decree. His intent was to destroy all infrastructure, important landmarks and communication facilities so that the advancing Allies would find nothing of value left. In the movie, this edict also includes the destruction of all the art hidden by the German army.

The destruction of a nation’s cultural heritage continues today. In August 2013, the United Nations addressed reports of looting and the destruction of monuments and museums in Egypt. How does the destruction of cultural identity (artwork, monuments, literature) affect a people? In addition to the historical significance, how does the loss of these items impact the identity of those it represents?

NEWS: November 4, 2013:

Just weeks before the theatrical release of this fictional story based on an actual group of men who scoured Europe trying to protect priceless masterpieces in peril because of the Nazi, a real life discovery hit the news. Approximately 1500 works of art, thought destroyed under Hitler’s command in the 1940s, has been found in the apartment of an 80-year-old man. The recovery of these paintings will undoubtedly contribute greatly to the art world, and the timeliness of this headline story won’t hurt the box office for The Monuments Men either.

Learn more about the real Monuments Men.

This movie is based on the book The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History by Robert M. Edsel.

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