Picture from Justin Bieber’s Believe
Overall B

This documentary looks at the career of Justin Bieber, and does its best to restore his image. This is the second theatrical documentary about the pop sensation.

Violence B
Sexual Content B
Profanity B-
Substance Use A

MPAA Rating: PG for brief language and mild thematic material.

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Justin Bieber’s Believe

This movie is receiving a limited promotional push. Does that mean the studio believes there are enough Justin fans that it doesn’t need to spend the dollars, or do you think Bieber Fever is waning?

Why do some people find pleasure in the failures, disappointments or problems of others? Is it easier to make disparaging judgments about celebrities? How do you think you would react to someone publically berating you (as did the British paparazzi)? Were they only doing it to elicit a negative response?

Do artists have to continually up their performances in order to keep their fans? What kind of pressure would that involve? Justin sings, “as long as you love me” in one of his songs. Is acceptance something that motivates many performers? Do we all want to be validated by others?

How can a performer’s actions affect the decisions his or her fans make? Might Justin’s tattoos encourage his fans to get one? What are the challenges of so much fame? How can young performers avoid becoming a train wreck?