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Bob_H199 says: Nov. 20, 2012

My wife and I walked out after 30 minutes. My wife wanted to walk out after 10 minutes. Nonsensical violence for its own sake. It seemed as if Hollywood wanted to push every outrageous psychic button they could find. Too much blood. Too much mean, degrading imposition of one human upon another. I’m just glad we left before the pet dog was killed (per other reviews). I really regret not having researched the reviews more thoroughly, though many are misleading. This movie is not suitable for any age. Spend your money elsewhere!!!

PS I’ve only walked out of 3 movies in over 60 years of viewing films!

Cliff says: Dec. 17, 2012

I would like to 2nd Bob’s remarks. This movie begs you to follow along through every possible anti-moral scene in the hope you will see how it resolves in the end. I and my family could not take it, feeling offended at every turn, unsure when it would be safe to once again look at the screen as it hopped from time-frame to time-frame. I ususally enjoy movies with Tom Hanks and the pre-views looked stunning. However, like the prior comment: I wish I would have checked the reviews first before subjecting myself and family to this one.  We walked out after 40 minutes, wishing I had done so much much sooner.

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