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Easter Movie Ideas »

Whether you are looking for a deep personal religious experience, a solid egg of inspiration, or something as sweet and light as a chocolate bunny, we hope you find something in our basket of Easter… read more »

Benefits of Social Media for Parents and Teens »

If you’ve ever felt frustrated trying to navigate the world of social media, here’s some good reasons to keep trying.

read more »

6 Disneynature Movies for Earth Day »

Disneynature releases a new nature documentary just in time for Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22. This year’s movie, Bears, tells… read more »

Archie Andrews About to Die! »

Oh no, don’t say it’s true. Archie Andrews, the redheaded comic book character is going to die according to publishers of Archie… read more »

Mickey Rooney Dies at 93 »

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1920, Mickey Rooney began acting with his parents on the vaudeville stage when he was only 17 months old. It was the start of a stage, television and movie career that… read more »

Captain America Soars at the Box Office »

It’s stars and stripes forever for Captain America: The Winter Solider. read more »

5 Things to Love about Captain America »

What’s not to love about Captain America? This war hero from the 1940s has been charming girls and saving fellow soldiers for decades—minus the time he spent in the deep freeze. Unfortunately… read more »

Aronofsky’s Noah Isn’t My Noah »

I know the story of Noah in the Bible is only about 40 verses long. And I know that making that short script into a two-hour movie means the filmmakers will have to fill in some blanks. But Director… read more »

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