Walmart and P&G Invest in Family Movies for TV

How often have you wished you could find a good family movie on TV? On July 16, 2010, look for The Jensen Project on NBC at 7/8c. This movie appears to be the second title within an ongoing Family Movie Night series of films funded by Procter & Gamble and Walmart. An action-adventure sci-fi, the film is about a mother and father team and their son who are involved with a high tech firm that is developing nanotechnology. But when the microscopic robots fall into the wrong hands everyone comes together with their own unique skills and abilities to try and set things right.

With no sex or language and appropriate violence for teens and older children, this film is not only exciting for the story it contains, but also because it’s great to see big corporations investing in this type of entertainment. For complete details, read my full review at the Parents Television Council website.

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