Using Your Mobile Device to See More Oscar

If you wish you could be standing on the Red Carpet during this year’s Oscar celebrations, you may be able to have “virtually” the next best thing—assuming you have an iPhone, iPad or Google Android device. There are two apps that will provide the most glitz for your dollar. “Oscar Backstage Pass” puts in the control room of the ABC Network’s broadcast and allows you to select from a variety of cameras with sound on the carpet. So if you are bored with the interview in one location, you can flip to another spot. A similar selection is available during the Governor’s Ball and during the broadcast you can peek into the makeup room. All of this does come at a price—99 cents. Considering parking would be dozens of times more expensive than that (not to mention the cost of your limo), it’s a good deal.

If you are insistent on doing the party on the cheap, another app called “Live From The Red Carpet” is available from E! Network for free. It provides one additional camera angle and a few other perks.

Finally, for our international readers (like myself here in frosty Canada) it doesn’t appear that either of these apps are available, so we will be stuck with old school TV coverage.

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