Teach Your Kids How To Make Their Own Movies

If you have kids sitting on the sofa staring mindlessly toward the TV this summer, you may want to suggest they considering making their own creations they can share with friends. Making movies is quite simple—almost everyone has some sort of video camera these days. If you don’t have a traditional video camera, virtually every still camera can take videos and nearly every cell phone can as well. The editing is a little tougher but if you dig around on your computer you may discover a program you didn’t know about called Windows Movie Maker. And if you have a Mac, you most likely are aware of iMovie which is a tremendous program for creating movies.

For a script idea, kid-movie-making expert Shelly Frost suggests you check out some of the story books you likely have in your home. They can make great simple script ideas and have you up and running in no time.

Finally, if you really want to go deluxe, check Shelly’s website, www.makeamoviestudios.com. There you can order scripts, get tons of other ideas and (if you really want to go big) even begin a “Make A Movie” franchise and become a community leader of movie making for kids.

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