Fright-free Halloween Picks for Preschoolers

Halloween is almost here and it is time to start planning a “spooktacular” event for little ghosts and goblins. However, when it comes to the youngest of Halloween party-goers even family fright films like The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, Igor, Monster House, Jumanji and The Wizard of Oz may be too intense.

Now there is a very kid-friendly Halloween DVD from HIT Entertainment. Trick or Treat Tales features pre-schoolers’ favorite characters.

- In Flour Power, Thomas the Tank Engine’s friend thinks he is seeing a ghost when Thomas is accidentally covered with flour. In the end, everyone is relieved to find out there really isn’t a spirit haunting the neighborhood.

- Barney the Dinosaur and his pals help kids search for Riff who is hiding among the pumpkins at a Halloween party. The segment includes several songs and other activities that will encourage young viewers to hop up and move around while watching Guess Who?

- Characters from Fifi and the Flowerpots dress up as pirates in Pirate Primrose and head out on a treasure hunt. Along the way, they discover that cheating isn’t the best option. Luckily the characters learn from their lesson, work together and get the treasure in the end. Meanwhile in Trix’s Pumpkin Pie, Trix’s pumpkin pie for the harvest dinner goes missing and the Bob the Builder characters have to find it.

- Angelina Ballerina wants to go to The Costume Ball but instead gets left at home with a babysitter. Later, when Mrs. Hodgepodge falls asleep, Angelina sneaks out of the house with Alice. However, the twosome has to pay for their misdeed when they are found out.

- A cat follows his human family while they are on a walk in Cat Magic. Unfortunately, in this Fireman Sam tale, the cat falls into a wishing well and has to be rescued.

Also coming to DVD is Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie. In this child-friendly film, the inhabitants of the 100-Acre Forest are getting ready for some ghostly fun. But after Winnie the Pooh eats all of Roo’s Halloween candy, the little kangaroo and his pal Lumpy decide to hunt down the mysterious creature Gabloon. If they capture him before it catches them, they get to make a wish—lots more sweets! But after the two little pals become separated during their adventure, Roo decides to wish for something better than treats. (This 2009 re-release of the 2005 animation comes with a Tigger plush toy for your youngster to enjoy.)

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