Picture from Coming to Amazon: November 2020

Coming to Amazon: November 2020

Amazon has a real mix this month: adventure, romance, violent action and a couple of original productions.

Nov. 1

As Good as It Gets. Melvin is a novelist. He struggles with OCD and avoids people. Then he winds up looking after his neighbor’s dog and starts connecting with a waitress at the local diner. Can he open up and change his life? PG-13, Grade: C

Country StrongPulled out of rehab to go on tour, a country singer struggles to keep it together, especially when her husband adds a new act to the program. PG-13 Grade: C

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. When a legendary sword is stolen, a respected warrior and his female friend work together to get it back. PG-13, Grade: A-

Dead Poets Society. When an innovative English teacher arrives at a tony prep school, he turns the boys’ lives upside down. PG, Grade: B-

Deja VuA firearms expert is asked to help the government investigate a terrorist attack. But then he learns the government has new technology that allows agents to see into the past. PG-13, Grade: C

Did You Hear About the Morgans?After witnessing a murder, the Morgans are placed in the witness protection program. With their marriage on the rocks, having to spend time together might just be worse than facing the murderers. PG-13, Grade: B+

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & BlondeDetermined to save dogs from being test subjects for cosmetics, Elle gets involved in politics. PG-13, Grade: B

Romancing the StoneWhen her sister’s kidnapped, a reclusive writer of romance novels heads off to the Colombian jungle to pay the ransom. In need of help, she winds up with Jack, a soldier of fortune. PG, Grade: C-

Step UpA rebellious street dancer has the chance for a new life when a community service sentence for vandalism lands him in a fine arts school. PG-13, Grade: B

The Expendables A group of mercenaries are hired to depose a South American dictator but discover that the job isn’t what they expected. Restricted, Content details only.

The Expendables 2The mercenaries are back, but when one of their own is killed, their mission shifts into revenge mode. Restricted, Content details only.

The Expendables 3When Barney Ross discovers that his old enemy is alive, not dead as he believed, he retires his aging crew of mercenaries and hires a younger set of hired guns. PG-13, Grade: C-

The Iron LadyThis biopic features an aging Margaret Thatcher looking back over her career and considering its costs. PG-13 Grade: A-

The Jewel of The NileThis sequel to Romancing the Stone sees Jack and Diane taking looking for the Jewel of the Nile as they dodge assassins in Egypt. PG, Grade: D+

The SapphiresSet in Australia, four Aboriginal singers break into the music business in the 1960s. PG-13, Grade: B

The Taking of Pelham 123A New York City subway dispatcher is faced with a nightmarish situation when an armed group hijacks the Pelham 123 train and holds the commuters hostage. Restricted, Grade: D+

The X Files: I Want to BelieveMulder and Scully join forces to find a missing FBI agent. PG-13, Grade: C-

TwilightAfter she moves to a new school, Bella is dazzled by a handsome young man in her classes. As she learns more about him, she is drawn into a world of vampires and assassins. PG-13, Grade: C

W.George W. Bush gets the Oliver Stone treatment in this political biopic. PG-13, Grade: C+

Water for ElephantsA young veterinary school student drops out and joins the circus, only to fall in love with the ringmaster’s wife. PG-13, Grade: C+

You Got ServedStreet dancing is only the beginning in this neighborhood rivalry. PG-13, Grade: B-

ZookeeperA bumbling zookeeper is shocked when his animal charges talk to him. Then they start offering relationship advice…PG, Grade: C+

Nov. 4

Blue StoryHaving grown up together in London, Marco and Timmy are separated by a gang war which throws them on opposite sides of a war for territory. Restricted, Grade: C-

Nov. 6

The Secret: Dare to DreamA young widow is struggling to cope with a string of disasters until a man teaches her the secret – your thoughts make things happen. PG, Grade: C+

Nov. 14

The DictatorSacha Baron Cohen plays a dictator in a spoof filled with politically incorrect jokes and plenty of sexual content. Restricted, Content details only.

Nov. 25

Uncle Frank It’s not easy to be gay in South Carolina in the 1970s. But when the family patriarch dies, Frank returns home from Manhattan…with his boyfriend, Walid. (Amazon Original: review to be posted on release date.)

Nov. 26

BombshellBased on real life events, this expose reveals the Fox News sexual harassment scandal that astounded America. Restricted, Grade: C+

Nov. 27

Life in a Year When a teenager discovers that his girlfriend is dying, he decides to pack a year’s worth of living into her final year. (Amazon Original)

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