Celebrating Black History

The month of February has been designated as Black History Month. The following movies, based on true stories, celebrate some of the historical achievements associated with this tenacious group of people.

Set in eighteenth century England, Amazing Grace tells the story of William Wilberforce and his efforts to abolish Britain’s human trade business.

Encouraged by their teacher and coach Mel Tolson, a group of African-American students in the movie The Great Debaters challenge the Harvard University debate team in 1935.

During the 1940s Vivien Thomas, a Black lab assistant, proves his invaluable worth as he and Dr. Alfred Blalock make pioneering efforts in the area of cardiac surgery in the made-for-TV movie Something the Lord Made.

Author Alex Haley’smasterpiece Rootsis an epic series chronicling the writer’s own genealogy back to his ancestors’ African homeland.

Refusing to be intimidated by a community torn apart over racial integration, a high school football coach helps his players overcome prejudice in Remember the Titans.

In Glory Road, Coach Don Haskins changes the future of basketball in the 1960s when he recruits a number of African-American players to play for his Texas Western collegiate team.

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