Picture from Archie Andrews About to Die!
Image ©Archie Comics

Archie Andrews About to Die!

Oh no, don’t say it’s true. Archie Andrews, the redheaded comic book character is going to die according to publishers of Archie Comics. But it won’t be just any death. He will heroically sacrifice himself to save a friend. His final moments will all be revealed in a July 2014 installment of the comic book series.

Luckily for fans, it’s only the grown-up version of Archie that dies. The freckle-faced hero finally got to graduate in the “Life with Archie” series and explore adulthood. He also experienced what might have unfolded had he married Veronica or Betty.

According to comicbookresources.com, Archie Comics Publisher Jon Goldwater says the final story wants to “really do justice” to the fans of Archie and recognize what he has come to mean to readers, as well as pop culture, for over 70 years. (The comic’s first edition was introduced in 1941.) Installment #36 will detail Archie’s death and #37 will revisit the Riverdale gang a year later to see the impact of the loss on their lives.

Meanwhile back in Riverdale, Archie and his other teenaged friends will live on in their perpetual adolescence with all the usual squabbles, drama and teen angst they’ve been experiencing for decades.

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