Apple Yanks Pornographic iPhone App

After clamping down on the Baby Shaker application that hit iPhones a few months ago (the “game” encouraged you to shake an image of a baby until it died), Apple is continuing to police its popular portable device after telling the creator of an app called Hottest Girls that they were not complying with the Apple iPhone Developer Program’s terms. The move is good news for those of us who are tired of having pornography plastered on every device, but the news is raising the ire of those who see this as corporate censorship. What I can’t figure out is why should they care? The iPhone comes with a very capable web browser that can go anywhere on the Internet. If your really want to view pornography, it’s only a click away through the Safari browser.

There’s also news that Apple is continuing to enhance the parental controls on the phone by restricting applications to people over a certain age.

For more info, check this article from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

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