To the Arctic parents guide

To the Arctic Parent Guide

A mother's love.

Release date April 20, 2012

Meryl Streep narrates this documentary about a mother polar bear and her two cubs as they attempt to survive in the hostile Arctic environment.

Why is To the Arctic rated G? The MPA rated To the Arctic G

Run Time: 40 minutes

To the Arctic
Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this movie. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

Why is To the Arctic rated G? To the Arctic is rated G by the MPAA

- Animals eat other animals, with some blood shown..
- Occasionally animals are in perilous situations.
- some scenes may frighten young children.

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News About "To the Arctic"

Expect a strong environmental message in this beautifully shot IMAX film. The story follows a family of polar bears in their Arctic home. Distributed by Warner Brothers, the movie features Streep as the narrator.

Cast and Crew

To the Arctic is directed by Greg MacGillivray and stars Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent, Richard E. Grant.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of To the Arctic movie is March 26, 2013. Here are some details…

To the Arctic releases to home video on March 26, 2013.

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Arctic Tale is a very similar documentary, narrated by Queen Latifah. A couple of children befriend a polar bear in the movie Alaska.

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