The Tangerine Bear: Home In Time For Christmas parents guide

The Tangerine Bear: Home In Time For Christmas Parent Guide

Overall B+

Violence A-
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Why is The Tangerine Bear: Home In Time For Christmas rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated The Tangerine Bear: Home In Time For Christmas Not Rated

Parent Movie Review

Of the thousands of plush teddy bears shipped from the factory to retail stores, only one had the misfortune of having his smile sewn on upside down. It is not until all his fellow bears are sold that the poor creature discovers what is obvious to every one else. He is defective.

Family Home Entertainment - Official site The little bear’s fondest dream is a good home where he can be loved and make someone happy, so he feels extremely dejected when he is sent to a second hand store. Kind Mr. Winkle, the shop owner, places this latest acquisition in the display window with an assortment of other rejected toys. Except for the watchdog, everyone is very accepting of the frowning newcomer who is still anxious to find a buyer. But as the days turn into weeks and months, the bear’s prospects fade. And so does his fuzzy coat—to an unusual shade of tangerine.

Based on Betty and Michael Paraskevas’ popular children’s book, this made for TV animation retains the gentle feel of a bedtime story. With soft vocals and narration by Trisha Yearwood , and an ensemble of notable voice talents including Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Tangie the bear) and Tom Bosley (Mr. Winkle), The Tangerine Bear is sure to charm young audiences while reminding them that being different makes one unique, and sometimes happiness is right under one’s nose.

Starring Trisha Yearwood, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Updated

The Tangerine Bear: Home In Time For Christmas Parents' Guide

When Tangie (the bear) first arrives at the second hand store, the watchdog is very unfriendly. What changes his attitude toward the toys? How could you apply the toys’ example in your home or school?

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