Snow Day parents guide

Snow Day Parent Guide

Overall C-

Violence C+
Sexual Content B+
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Why is Snow Day rated PG? The MPAA rated Snow Day PG for brief mild peril and language.

Parent Movie Review

A Canadian knows what Snow Days are all about. You wake up to a world covered in a foot or two of white and, if you’re a child, you immediately turn on the radio to find out if school has been canceled.

Snow Day - Official Site Natalie (Zena Grey) has been wishing for such a day during the unusually warm winter blessing Syracuse NY. When it finally arrives, she has major plans because big brother Hal (Mark Webber) promised to help her sabotage the local snowplow driver (Chris Elliot) on the next snow day. Who can go to school if the roads aren’t clear? Unfortunately, Hal has other ideas.

Snow Day - Official Site He’s got it bad for Claire (Emmanulle Chriqui), the class prima donna who just broke up with her macho boyfriend. But Hal is not the only one trying to strike while the iron is hot. Even with the streets blocked, a huge mob of boys has braved the storm and gathered around Claire’s house. Could it be her willingness to stand in the window wearing a tiny see-through top?

Somehow Hal has to standout in her crowd of admirers. His dad (Chevy Chase), a disgruntled weatherman with snowed under ratings, is conveniently doing a live broadcast in the neighborhood. Hal seizes a few moments of airtime to introduce himself on Claire’s television. Meanwhile he misses the attention focused on him by Lane (Schuyler Fisk), his friend who plays the classic “overlooked but cute” girl.

Snow Day - Official Site Snow Day offers a blizzard of typecast characters (including the mandatory flatulent fat kid). The rebellious children find joy in pelting their principal with snowballs and harassing the maniacal driver of what appears to be the only snowplow in the city. Eventually they tie “Snowplow Man” to a road sign, steal his truck, and begin “unplowing” the roads. The rivalry between the love struck teens leads to threats of violence and a reckless skidoo chase. And there are lots of dysfunctional adults to serve as role models.

This film, shot in my backyard (Alberta, Canada—not Syracuse NY), has a plot that goes downhill faster than the Canadian dollar.


Snow Day Parents' Guide

All the adults in this film are immature, unable to solve problems, and have little control over their lives. Why do you think movies like Snow Day, which are targeted at children, often portray adults in this fashion?