Paddington 2 parents guide

Paddington 2 Parent Guide

This second big screen adventure for Paddington Bear is as sweet and delicious as marmalade.

Overall A

Paddington Bear (voice of Ben Whishaw) returns in this second adventure. This time the lovable marmalade-eater is taking on a few odd jobs to earn some spending money. Along the way, he runs into an oddly suspicious criminal. The movie also stars Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Julie Walters.

Release date January 12, 2018

Violence B-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A-
Substance Use A

Why is Paddington 2 rated PG? The MPAA rated Paddington 2 PG for some action and mild rude humor.

Run Time: 103 minutes

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Parent Movie Review

Paddington Bear returns to the big screen in this sequel, which is even more enjoyable than his charming first adventure. As this film opens, we see the lovable marmalade-eater (again voiced by Ben Whishaw) is now right at home in Britain with Mr. and Mrs. Brown (Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins), and their children Judy and Johnathan (Madeleine Harris and Samuel Joslin).

Still, the bear’s thoughts often turn to his Aunt Lucy (voice of Imelda Staunton) back in his childhood home—Darkest Peru. With her 100th birthday just a few weeks away, Paddington wants to do something special for this motherly caregiver, who sacrificed her own dreams of travel while tending him as a young cub. And he finds the perfect gift in Mr. Gruber’s (Jim Broadbent) Antique Shop: A pop-up book featuring London’s famous landmarks.

Unfortunately, the unique book is rather expensive. Not dissuaded, Paddington undertakes a series of odd jobs to earn the cash needed to buy the present. (His endeavors provide plenty of opportunities for slapstick antics.) Yet before his coin jar is full, a scoundrel breaks into the store and steals the rarity. Paddington’s attempt to catch the thief instead have him mistaken as the criminal. Arrested in handcuffs, charged and tried in court, the defenseless bear ends up behind bars.

The loyal Brown family, and their trusty housekeeper Mrs. Bird (Julie Walters), are sure he has been falsely accused. They scour the town looking for the real culprit, with some help from their mostly-sympathetic neighbors. Meanwhile, Paddington tries to make the best of his bad situation by befriending the tough inmates (Brendan Gleeson, Jamie Demetriou, Noah Taylor) and putting his gentle touch on the prison.

Although this movie was inspired by a children’s book series, there is nothing juvenile about its production values. The CGI (computer generated images) used to create the lead character are superb, the cast features top-rated actors (Hugh Grant playing a vainglorious has-been actor is especially fun), the artistry of the sets is amazing, and there are sequences of 2D animation that pay homage to the 1970s TV series which was also based on Michael Bond’s work. The scriptwriting is smart as well, working small details into the bigger plot in clever and humorous ways.

That said, the story may be a bit too emotional or frightening for the youngest of cubs, especially when they see the loneliness of a locked-up Paddington or watch his often-perilous plight. Yet older children and teens will likely be fine with these depictions, even though a murder is involved, because the violence is implied more than shown. Even adults are sure to be amused in the engaging scavenger hunt that unfolds. With messages of love and looking for the best in people, Paddington 2 is as sweet and delicious as marmalade.

Directed by Paul King. Starring Ben Whishaw, Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters. Running time: 103 minutes. Theatrical release January 12, 2018. Updated

Paddington 2
Rating & Content Info

Why is Paddington 2 rated PG? Paddington 2 is rated PG by the MPAA for some action and mild rude humor.

Characters are often in perilous situations. A character is falsely accused, and feels betrayed and alone. Some of these emotional depictions may be upsetting for young children. Slapstick antics are frequent and usually imply no real danger. Some violent action is more frightening, like when a character is trapped under water and faces the possibility of drowning. Characters lie, steal, evade the law and break out of prison. Property damage occurs. Characters are threatened verbally and with weapons (such as a toy gun and sword). A woman falls to her death at the hands of a murderer.

Sexual Content:
Some female characters are seen in revealing costumes. Mild sexual innuendo is heard. A bare bear’s backside is seen shimmying across a windowpane.

Infrequent use of mild cursing, name-calling and terms of deity.

Alcohol / Drug Use:
None noted.

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Paddington 2 Parents' Guide

Paddington always tries to follow the advice of Aunt Lucy to look for the best in others. How does this affect those around him? How do they treat Paddington in return? How does his gentle domineer affect his fellow prisoners in jail? Do you think you could maintain your good manners if you were faced with similar rude behavior?

News About "Paddington 2"

In Paddington Bear 2, Ben Whishaw returns to voice the walking-talking teddybear, who is the star of this live-action/computer-animation production. Also reprising their roles are Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Madeleine Harris and Samuel Joslin (Mr. and Mrs. Brown and their children), along with Julie Walters (Mrs. Bird).

This movie is based on a book character created by Michael Bond. Paddington is also the star of a TV series and a toy franchise.

From the Studio:
Paddington is happily settled with the Brown family in Windsor Gardens, where he has become a popular member of the community, spreading joy and marmalade wherever he goes. While searching for the perfect present for his beloved Aunt Lucy's 100th birthday, Paddington spots a unique pop-up book in Mr. Gruber's antique shop, and embarks upon a series of odd jobs to buy it. But when the book is stolen, it's up to Paddington and the Browns to unmask the thief.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Paddington 2 movie is April 24, 2018. Here are some details…

Home Video Notes: Paddington 2
Release Date: 24 April 2018
Paddington 2 releases to home video (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy) with the following extras:
- Paddington: The Bear Truth
- How to Make A Marmalade Sandwich
- Music Video with Phoenix Buchanan
- The Magical Mystery of Paddington’s Pop-Up Book
- The Browns and Paddington: The Special Bond
- Knuckles: A Fistful of Marmalade
- The (Once) Famous Faces of Phoenix Buchanan
- Audio Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Paul King

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This movie is the sequel to Paddington. Another lovable bear is featured in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Ben Whishaw (who provides Paddington's voice) appears in Bright Star and Skyfall.