Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre parents guide

Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre Parent Guide

The violence is largely bloodless but the movie's casual disregard for human life is a serious concern.

Overall C-

Theaters. Oscar Fortune has been subcontracted by MI6 to stop the sale of a dangerous new weapons technology. In order to complete the mission, Fortune and his team have to recruit one of Hollywood's biggest stars for help.

Release date March 3, 2023

Violence D
Sexual Content B-
Profanity D
Substance Use B

Why is Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre rated R? The MPAA rated Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre R for language and violence

Run Time: 114 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Something rather nasty and extremely important has been stolen. The British government isn’t sure exactly what it is. Nor do they know who will want to sell or buy the unidentified item. What they do know is the possibility of possessing the mysterious loot has black market baddies around the world making bids in the billions of dollars.

Regardless of the heist’s hazy details, secret serviceman Nathan (Cary Elwes) has a clear action plan to clean up the problem: Hire a private contractor to do the needed dirty work. No stranger to staffing these kinds of discreet missions, Nathan has a list of possible candidates, and at its top is Orson Fortune (Jason Statham). This man-for-hire comes with a presumptuous attitude, expensive tastes, and criminal talents. Still, his number one quality, seemingly worthy of recommendation, is his patriotism for King and Country.

The skilled operative is paired with the beautiful, tech savvy Sarah (Aubrey Plaza) and all-round tough guy JJ (Bugsy Malone). Orson’s equally dubious co-works help with the investigation that quickly leads to Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant), a seasoned arms dealer. So the trio must come up with a plan to get themselves invited into Greg’s inner circle. A little bit of research reveals the shady businessman is a big fan of a movie star named Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett). A bit more digging uncovers enough dirt on Danny to coerce the celebrity into joining their cause. Yes, using the actor as bait and expecting him to be part of a real undercover sting is a bit unconventional– but it is just the “ruse de guerre” needed to get the show on the road.

And show it is. Bigger-than-life scenes of bullets, bombs, fist fights and car chases pervade the screen from beginning to end. Despite it all, the globe-hopping adventure never takes itself too seriously. The action is mostly bloodless. (The movie’s R-rating is most likely earned from the script’s inclusion of 20-plus sexual expletives). Jason Statham plays the invincible Jason Statham (as seen in the Fast and Furious franchise, The Expendables franchise, and The Transporter franchise), pulling punches and punchlines in the same breath. Aubrey Plaza’s Sarah adds ample sexual innuendo. Even Hugh Grant’s angel-of-death character comes with enough wry humor that he appears like a good guy.

While this comedy might account for some of the film’s charm, it may also contribute to its greatest harm. The frequent killings are depicted with a casualness akin to swatting mosquitos. Sexual harassment is treated like a joke. Meting out justice is a matter of personal retribution. And heroes bend ethics and rules to fit their convenience. Nevertheless, there is a good chance this operation will have the fortune of becoming Jason Statham’s next franchise.

Directed by Guy Ritchie. Starring Cary Elwes, Jason Statham, Josh Hartnett. Running time: 114 minutes. Theatrical release March 3, 2023. Updated

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Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre
Rating & Content Info

Why is Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre rated R? Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre is rated R by the MPAA for language and violence

Violence: Pervasive confrontations with guns, knives and fists leave characters depicted with bullet holes, slit throats, stab wounds, as well as choked and bashed bodies. Tasers are used to disable characters– and in one scene they are applied to a man’s testicles. A person dies after being frightened. A character falls and another is thrown from a high building—impacts are not seen. People are frequently shot on screen (some are executed) with no regard for life. Deaths and injuries are implied – often in a humorous context. Some blood effects are shown. Vehicles are stolen, some are driven recklessly (including during car chases), putting life and property at risk.  Explosions occur. Gas is used to make characters unconscious before they are robbed. 
Sexual Content: The script contains frequent sexual innuendo, often in a comedic context. Slang terms for sexual anatomy are heard. Female characters are seen in clothing designed to arouse male characters, including form-fitting bodysuits, revealing evening wear and recreational wear. Characters of both genders make sexually suggestive remarks to other characters of both genders. A character is accused of filming a sexual encounter with his sister-in-law.
Profanity: There are at least 23 uses of sexual expletives in addition to scatological terms, other mild and moderate profanities, and crude sexual remarks.
Alcohol / Drug Use: Characters are frequently depicted drinking alcohol, and some scenes include remarks that glamorize the consumption of wine. A character smokes a cigar.

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Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre Parents' Guide

In this movie, Orson Fortune and his team are given an open license to do whatever it takes to track down a mysterious item that has been stollen, before it can be sold on the black market and cause harm to the world. What do you think of the methods they use? How does the script justify their actions? Do you think these characters are heroes? What qualities make a person a hero to you?

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