My Boyfriend’s Back parents guide

My Boyfriend’s Back Parent Guide

Overall D-

Violence D
Sexual Content D+
Profanity C
Substance Use --

Why is My Boyfriend’s Back rated PG-13? The MPAA rated My Boyfriend’s Back PG-13

Parent Movie Review

It seems that when companies expand quickly, they soon forget what put them into the profitable position they once enjoyed. As I observe Disney’s latest movie offerings, these feelings are more than confirmed. Disney’s family orientation, and its ability to produce movies that appeal to the largest (and may I add, profitable) audiences possible is faltering. Parents are questioning Disney movies, and are not trusting the name to provide appropriate entertainment for the whole family anymore. Even though the Disney name is masked on this movie, it is a product of Touchstone Studios which is 100% Disney owned, and an example of Disney’s new era.

My Boyfriend’s Back is a comedy that is full of cannibalistic scenes that just don’t have the innocence of the 1950’s horror movies it is trying to mimic. There is a high level of sexual innuendo, and the usual thought that all high school students have on their minds is sex, and that virgins are nerds.

In order to justify the most disgusting scenes, the scriptwriters use a common technique by having the characters dream or imagine the events. In this film, the lead character, Johnny, dreams about losing his virginity to the gorgeous girl that sits behind him. They are ready to have sex in the school gymnasium with the entire school population watching. But he’s stopped by the ref for not having a large enough penis.

But soon Johnny dies, and returns from the dead just to get this girl for his own. He has to eat living flesh to stay “alive,” so he consumes the stomach out of the school bully. Later, he has a vivid dream about eating the town enemy, and then looks to his girlfriend for dessert. As ridiculous as these scenes sound, I feel the comedy is non-existent, and all they do is promote deviancy of the weirdest kind. The writers may say, “But he was only dreaming!” Either way, the content of this movie is reality.