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Overall A-

Expect to laugh while watching the Bob Newhart: Button Down Concert. During this TV recording from 1995, the actor/comedian shares with the viewers some of his best stand-up routines--the ones that made him a legend in the industry.

Violence A-
Sexual Content B
Profanity B+
Substance Use B

Why is Bob Newhart Button Down Concert rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated Bob Newhart Button Down Concert Not Rated

Run Time: 62 minutes

Parent Movie Review

One of the questions most frequently asked of this Golden Globe winner, after the success of his first TV series was: Did you do anything before The Bob Newhart Show? In this recorded-for-TV Button Down Concert from 1995, the actor/comedian explains, yes—and sets out to share with the viewers some of his best stand-up routines—the ones that made him a legend in the industry.

Straight-faced, and sometimes with a bit of a stutter, Newhart humorously explores what makes bus drivers delight in leaving potential customers panting on the sidewalk, how a novice security guard would handle an intrusion from King Kong, and why the captain of a submarine would have an open door policy.

Many of these old sketches will be familiar to his fans—in fact Newhart makes a joke about people in the audience reciting his lines along with him! My favorite, which I remember hearing many years ago, is the experiences of a driver instructor—but perhaps that’s just because I operate a vehicle much like his student.

Most of his material is friendly enough to share with family members, with the exception of a mildly suggestive bit about a ski-mask wearing flasher, who has to be identified in a police line-up. Unfortunately, the only part of him to be seen by his female victims is the part exposed when he opened his raincoat. There are also a couple of references to drunkenness (including an inebriated employee who is loosed-lipped during his retirement speech), and a few mild expletives.

Famous for delivering one-sided conversations (often on a telephone), Newhart’s clever quips gently poke fun at the marketing of politicians, the ridiculousness of smoking tobacco, and the complexities of baseball. And while his comments about economy airlines may make you afraid to fly, there is little doubt you’ll be willing to get onboard this soaring concert tour again and again.

Starring Bob Newhart. Running time: 62 minutes. Updated

Bob Newhart Button Down Concert
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Why is Bob Newhart Button Down Concert rated Not Rated? Bob Newhart Button Down Concert is rated Not Rated by the MPAA

Comedian Bob Newhart recites some of his most famous comedy routines in this made-for-TV concert. While he is sometimes irreverent in his look at historical figures, certain occupations, and authority figures, the good nature of his jest is never in question. One sketch, where he talks about a group of women who are asked to identify a flasher, does include some mild sexual humor. Drunkenness is also attributed to an airplane pilot, and acted out during a retirement speech. The only violence alluded to occurs when a submarine captain causally mentions the loss of some of his men.

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Bob Newhart Button Down Concert Parents' Guide

Included on the disc is an interview with Bob Newhart. Why does he look so different in the documentary setting than he does during his stage performance?

Newhart claims his routines are so appealing because the audience becomes engaged trying to guess what was said during the unheard portion of the conversation. Do you think he is right? How can you tell if you have guessed correctly? How does the comedian build clues into the dialogue of the routine?

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Bob Newhart Button Down Concert movie is September 18, 2006. Here are some details…

DVD Release Date: 19 September 2006

The DVD release of Bob Newhart: Button Down Concert features his comic routine under the heading Off the Record. The actor offers insights to his show and brand of humor in a short documentary titled Unbuttoned. Don Rickles also contributes comments. The audio track is in English (stereo) with subtitles in English and Spanish.

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Bob Newhart’s career has also spanned big screen productions. Look for him in the Christmas movie Elf, and as the doorman Sid in Legally Blonde: Red, White and Blonde.