Black is King parents guide

Black is King Parent Guide

The movie's "art house" ambience puts it over the heads of young viewers - and probably some adults too.

Overall B+

Disney+: This "visual album" by Beyonce tells the story of a young black man whose struggles to reclaim his rightful place on the throne mirrors the story of "The Lion King".

Release date July 31, 2020

Violence A
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use B+

Why is Black is King rated TV-14? The MPAA rated Black is King TV-14

Run Time: 85 minutes

Parent Movie Review

Somewhere in Africa, a young king is left to fend for himself in a big, cruel world. As he travels, he encounters strange people and stranger experiences, before realizing that perhaps his home has more to offer than the wild world…

Following her appearance as Nala in Disney’s 2019 remake of The Lion King, Beyoncé produced a companion album titled The Lion King: The Gift, featuring original music from a huge array of black artists and creators. Black is King is a visual presentation of that album, including some of the original dialogue excerpts from The Lion King. Ahh, the circle of life.

Being tied into The Lion King seems to indicate that this is a film for younger audiences, but that isn’t really the case. The production isn’t inappropriate in any way, but I don’t think it is written or shot at a level that children are going to enjoy. As is usually the case with visual albums, there is an “art film” ambience. There is a plot and a story, but they aren’t delivered in a way that’s going to be obvious for kids. Everything is beautiful and meaningful, but abstract and occasionally referential, which seems to tilt the film towards an older audience. Beyond the difficult abstractions, there are also some scenes which can be a little intense, with ominous masked figures and flashing lights. Again, interesting and worth watching – just not for young kids.

Black is King is very much a celebration of black music, black culture, black lives, and black excellence. Beyoncé determinedly showcases people of color in the music industry, the natural beauty of Africa, and the contributions of people from that continent to the world of art. The stunning cinematography and choreography are fascinating and brilliantly complement the music. It’s also really cool to hear some of the verses in a variety of African languages (including but not limited to Zulu, Swahili, and Xhosa). For me, it nodded to some of the film’s themes of individuality and responsibility beyond nationalism – promoting blackness regardless of country or language. It’s a message well worth watching – even if you’re not a big Beyoncé fan.

Directed by Beyonce. Starring Beyonce. Running time: 85 minutes. Theatrical release July 31, 2020. Updated

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Black is King
Rating & Content Info

Why is Black is King rated TV-14? Black is King is rated TV-14 by the MPAA

Violence: None.
Sexual Content: None.
Profanity: None.
Alcohol / Drug Use: Background characters are seen with pipes.

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Black is King Parents' Guide

What do you know about your family’s heritage? What legacy have your ancestors left for you?

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