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JJ Abrams Admits Addiction… To Lens Flares


Lens flares galore—those stylish streaks that appear so frequently in the new Star Trek movies.

Photo ©Paramount

Okay, it’s a stretch from a parenting perspective, but it’s always important to teach our kids about not overdoing something. Like when they tell a joke and get a laugh and then they keep repeating the same funny line for weeks. Now JJ Abrams is helping us all know when enough is enough. At the Blu-ray release for Star Trek: Into Darkness a journalist from Crave Online asked him about his love of lens flares. Take a click and watch…

A few years ago if you asked people what a lens flare was most wouldn’t be able to tell you. If you’re still in that category it’s the shimmering band of light that pops across the screen when a light source shines into the edge of a lens. Often seen as a defect or undesirable element JJ Abrams, director of the two latest Star Trek movies and the new upcoming Star Wars films, turned this lemon into lemonade in a big way with the new Star Trek series. But he used it so frequently that it has become an ongoing joke.

So remember kids, don’t overdo the gimmick!

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