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The Railway Man


Apr 25, 2014

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Aug 12, 2014

MPAA Rating



Jonathan Teplitzky


Nicole Kidman
Stellan SkarsgÄrd
Colin Firth
Hiroyuki Sanada
Jeremy Irvine


2014 Lionsgate / The Weinstein Company

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Still shot from the movie: The Railway Man.

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War can leave a mark on a man, and Eric Lomax (Colin Firth) has carried such a scar for decades. But would an opportunity to confront his former Japanese captor (Hiroyuki Sanada) help him to heal? Or would it just tempt the tormented man to take revenge?

Content Details

Why Is The Railway Man Rated R?

The Railway Man is rated R for disturbing prisoner of war violence.

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Here is additional information on sex, violence and profanity in The Railway Man...

Violence: This film deals with human abuse and torture. Several scenes depict beating and torture (some with blood effects), including one where a man is subjected to water-boarding. A man hits another man with a large stick (the camera focuses on the abuser and the injured victim is not seen until after the beating is complete). Men are forced into railway cars and taken to POW camps. A character commits suicide by hanging from a rope (this take place on screen). A character looks at sketches of men in POW camps, some of whom are very thin and being subjected to torture. Prisoners of war are forced to work as slaves and build a railway. Dead bodies are shown. After being beaten a man is tied to the back of a motor vehicle and forced to run behind it.

Sexual Content: A married couple undresses to their underwear on their wedding night and embraces on a bed. We see them the next morning in bed with bare shoulders. Later we see the same couple in bed again with bare shoulders.


A mild profanity is used once and a single term of deity is heard.

Alcohol / Drug Use: None noted.

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The classic movie The Bridge on the River Kwai also depicts the building of the Death Railway. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II is portrayed in Tora! Tora! Tora!

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News & Views About The Railway Man:

Does “The Railway Man” Deserve An R Rating?

Does “The Railway Man” Deserve An R Rating?

I like to think with over 20 years of experience analyzing movies that I can predict a film’s content from its rating and description. Yet at least a few times each year I’m caught by surprise and left wondering why a particular rating was applied to a movie. To ...

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Canadian Movie Ratings

14A Violence.
AB PG Violence, Disturbing Content, Not Recommended For Young Children.
MB 14A Brutal Violence, Disturbing Content.
ON 14A Disturbing Content, Graphic Violence.
QC Not Rated
Not Rated

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Details on home video releases of The Railway Man...

The Railway Man releases to home video n August 12, 2014.

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Marc M says: May. 14, 2014

War camps, torture, suicide, and yet overall it’s still rated an “A”?  I’d like to see more discussion about that.  Granted the Overall is not intended to be an average of the other grades, but really?  “A”?

Rod Gustafson says: May. 14, 2014

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the film Marc but it is a very powerful true story and is one of those highly rare films with some concerning content that, I feel, deserves to be recommended. This is not a film for “children” but mature teens with adult guidance could greatly benefit. Also note that compared to the vast majority of PG-13 action movies this one is less explicit with its violence, has virtually no sexual content and hardly any profanity.

Thanks for your comment. I’d love to hear the opinions of others who have seen the film. It’s still only playing in very limited theaters in North America.

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