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Pacific Rim


Jul 12, 2013

Latest Home Video

Oct 15, 2013

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Guillermo del Toro


Idris Elba
Charlie Hunnam
Rinko Kikuchi
Charlie Day


2013 Warner Brothers Pictures

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Still shot from the movie: Pacific Rim.

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When big, bad aliens immerge from a crack under the Pacific Ocean, Human forces create robots equally large and engage in a fistfight with hopes of saving the world.

Content Details

Why Is Pacific Rim Rated PG-13?

Pacific Rim is rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief language

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Here is additional information on sex, violence and profanity in Pacific Rim...

Violence: Monsters attack a city crushing cars, buildings and bridges. Some limited scenes of blood include facial, arm and torso injuries and bloody noses caused by a medical condition. Characters use sticks to fight in a simulated combat. A lone child in a deserted city street is hunted by one of the aliens. A character sticks a knife blade up a man’s nose. Men engage in a fistfight. Characters are drowned, electrocuted and eaten without graphic detail. Robots and aliens engage in frequent combat, sometimes involving weapons. Depictions of fighting, beating and explosions are shown. A man is threatened with guns. A parent and son argue. Numerous scenes of city destruction are shown. A character falls from the sky after being dropped mid-air. Some gory and scary images are portrayed along with moments of peril.

Sexual Content: Brief veiled sexual innuendo is included along with some embracing.

Language: The script contains infrequent mild cursing, profanities and scatological slang along with some slurs and vulgar terms.

Alcohol / Drug Use: A character uses prescription drugs to deal with a medical condition.

Home Video Viewing Alternatives

Here are some ideas for home video titles that are related to Pacific Rim.

Earthlings face off against unfriendly aliens in War of the Worlds (1953) and War of the Worlds (2005). The extra-terrestrials take a more subtle approach in The Invasion and The Arrival. Humans also take on a different bodily form in order to fight their enemies in Avatar.

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News & Views About Pacific Rim:

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Canadian Movie Ratings

PG Violence. Coarse Language, Frightening Scenes.
AB PG Violence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young Children.
MB PG Not Recommended For Young Children, Violence.
ON PG Violence, Not Recommended For Young Children, Gory Scenes.
QC G Not Recommended for Young Children.

Canadian Home Video Rating: PG

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Details on home video releases of Pacific Rim...

Home Video Notes: Pacific Rim

Release Date: 15 October 2013

Pacific Rim releases to home video (Blu-ray/DVD/Ultraviolet Digital Copy or 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Ultraviolet Digital Copy) on October 15, 2013. Extras include:

- Audio Commentary by Guillermo del Toro

- Prologue by Guillermo Del Toro

- Five Focus Points

- Deleted Scenes

- Blooper Reel

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Nanamom says: Aug. 08, 2013

At the theater I attended, this movie was uncomfortably loud! I attend movies weekly with my disabled son, who chooses the movie. He has a seizure syndrome, so we don’t attend 3D movies, since they can cause him to have a seizure crisis. I don’t know if the 3D movie version was this loud, or if the very high volume was just a local decision, but it really bothered me. My son thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The plot was a little thin, definitely took a back seat to the special effects, which were spectacular. The scene with the small girl being hunted by the huge monster might be a little overwhelming for children under 7 or 8, in my opinion. I agree with the grade “B”.

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