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Still shot from the movie: Yours, Mine and Ours (1968).

Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)

When Helen Beardsley (Lucille Ball), a widow with eight children, falls in love with Frank North (Henry Fonda) a widower with ten children, their are at least eighteen good reasons why they should never marry! Tying the knot anyway, the newly weds attempt to unify their respective clans into one happy family, which requires all of them to redefine what things are Yours, Mine and Ours. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B+
Violence: B+
Sexual Content: C+
Language: B+
Drugs/Alcohol: C+
Theater Release:
Video Release: 06 Mar 2001
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
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After watching a movie with your children or students, we encourage parents and teachers to look for education opportunities to teach with movies. Here are a few discussion topics that can help with lesson plans or teaching in the home.

After Frank and Helen go grocery shopping, they are aghast when their bill totals $126. How much money does it cost your family to bring home the bacon? What creative budgeting techniques would you have to employ to provide for 20 people?

When Frank talks to Helen’s oldest daughter, he tries to explain the responsibilities accompanying intimate relationships. Although not everyone will end up caring for 18 (or more) children, what obligations does he mention that apply to everyone? What are the rewards of investing in these commitments?

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