Picture from Never Back Down
Overall D-

It seems too good to be true when a hot babe (Amber Heard) invites new kid Jake Tyler (Sean Faris) to a party --and it is. Instead of being a guest, it turns out he's only there to act as a punching bag for the girl's tough-guy boyfriend (Cam Gigandet). Determined to get even with the bully, Jake finds a mentor (Djimon Hounsou) and starts training in Mixed Martial Arts.

Violence D
Sexual Content C
Profanity C-
Substance Use C-

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for mature thematic material involving intense sequences of fighting/violence, some sexuality, partying and language -- all involving teens.

Talk to your kids about…

Never Back Down

“The Beat Down” is a competition meant to determine the best fighter and bring an end to the conflict between Jake and Ryan. However, what is the likelihood that this would happen? How easy is it to walk away from violence?

Jean Roqua offers a disciplined place for boys to train and develop their skills. What is the importance of mentors in the lives of teens? How can adults or peers positively influence others?

What impact might a film like this have on the popularity of fight clubs? Do you think directors or others involved in the production of movies be held accountable in any way? What methods do they use to glamorize these activities?