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Still shot from the movie: Nanny McPhee Returns.

Nanny McPhee Returns

The mysterious and magical Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) returns to her duties, this time to help Mrs. Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal) while her husband is away at war. Along with her own three children, the frazzled mother-in-need is responsible for a couple of cousins who do not get on well with each other. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: A-
Violence: B
Sexual Content: A
Language: A-
Drugs/Alcohol: A
Run Time: 109
Theater Release: 20 Aug 2010
Video Release: 14 Dec 2010
MPAA Rating: PG
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After watching a movie with your children or students, we encourage parents and teachers to look for education opportunities to teach with movies. Here are a few discussion topics that can help with lesson plans or teaching in the home.

How can parents (who don’t have access to a magical cane) teach these same important life lessons to their children? How often does Nanny use magic? In what other ways does she encourage cooperation and kindness?

Nanny never raises her voice when addressing the children. Is there power in a soft voice?

What impact does the children’s kindness have on Nanny? Though real people don’t undergo the same physical transformations, can the way we view a person’s beauty change as we grow to know or love them?

How can a group or individual help families who currently have someone serving in the military? What other difficulties could be lessened by offering a supportive hand to those in need?

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