Picture from Maid In Manhattan
Overall C+

Every now and then, a girl could use a fairy godmother with a magic wand to whip up some glass slippers and a new gown. Especially if she (Jennifer Lopez) works in housekeeping at an upscale hotel, and the man she hopes to impress is an up-and-coming congressional aspirant (Ralph Fiennes).

Violence A-
Sexual Content C-
Profanity C
Substance Use B+

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some language / sexual references.

Talk to your kids about…

Maid In Manhattan

How did Marisa’s mistake contribute to a tangle of lies? How can letting someone believe something that is not true be the same as telling a lie? How important is honesty in a relationship?

The hotel’s motto was that their service people should be invisible. What does that mean? Are people who provide valuable services often overlooked? What examples show that Marissa went above and beyond the duties of her job?

How likely is it that Marisa would be able to find another job in the hotel business considering the reason for her dismissal?

How are minority groups depicted in this movie?