Picture from Love And Basketball (2000)
Overall C+

Although the ending is contrived, first-time writer/director Gina Prince manages to create well-rounded characters, including thoughtful parents. Rare qualities indeed compared to the many trite and shallow teen dramas recently brought to the screen.

Violence B
Sexual Content C-
Profanity C-
Substance Use B-

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sexuality and language

Talk to your kids about…

Love And Basketball (2000)

Considering the many sexual relationships Quincy had, what kind of personality does he display compared to Monica’s? What risks, both physical and emotional, did she accept when she had sex with him? What risks, if any, did Quincy take? Do you believe the end of the movie is realistic? If you could add another ten years to the lives of these characters, where do you think they would be?

Quincy becomes angry when his father Zeke, finally makes a confession to him. Was his dad justified in holding back the truth from Quincy? What was harder for Quincy: The fact that his father took so long to be honest, or the offence itself? How did this experience change their relationship? Does understanding Zeke’s past explain his distaste for NBA life and his desire to see Quincy explore other options, including education?

Monica felt that her mother didn’t support her because she never came to her games. Her mother felt she was very supportive by maintaining their home, making meals, and doing the laundry. Consider the many different ways parents and children can support each other. Do we sometimes do things for other people, only to discover that they were expecting our help in an entirely different way? Why is it important to express our feelings without waiting as long as Monica did?