Picture from Justin Bieber - Never Say Never
Overall A-

Justin Bieber fans can follow their favorite teen singer behind the scenes of his 2010 Never Say Never tour as well as see footage from his early life in this 3D movie experience.

Violence A
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B
Substance Use A

MPAA Rating: G

Talk to your kids about…

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never

What is the physical toll of performing day after day? What strain does that put on a singer’s voice? How does the constant travel contribute to the challenge?

It takes a lot of individuals to put on a performance. Why is it important to have supportive people who can say"no” as well as “yes”?

How have viral videos changed the way a person can become famous? Do you think that quick celebrity status is more likely to result in equally instant obscurity?

Shortly after the movie opened in theaters, the studio decided to release a second version of this concert video. You can read more about this announcement in our Big Picture article: Justin Bieber Director’s Cut—Will You Go Again?