Picture from Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius
Overall B+

Growing up next door to a golf course, wee Bobby Jones (Devon Gearhart) has ample opportunity to observe the game from an early age.

Violence A-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity C-
Substance Use C

MPAA Rating: PG for language

Talk to your kids about…

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

In spite of his often out-of-control responses to missed balls and sand traps, what do we learn about Bobby’s integrity—to the game and to himself? Could you have been that honest?

Bobby remains an amateur player throughout his entire career. How do you think that effected his motivation on the course? What criticisms does he make about playing for money? How do you feel about sponsorships and product endorsements in professional sports?

For more information about Bobby Jones, check the biography found at this website: http://www.golfeurope.com/almanac/players/jones.htm and an editorial article here: http://services.golfweb.com/library/books/davis/davis3.html

In the DVD extras, Jim Caviezel discusses the statement made by some performers who feel, “I’m not your kid’s role model.” The actor claims he disagrees with this sentiment, and tries to chose parts that represent redeemable characters, sighting Bobby Jones as worthy of emulation. Do you feel celebrities have a responsibility to set good examples for fans?