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Still shot from the movie: Gone With The Wind.

Gone With The Wind

The cinematography is wonderful, the sets lavish, the costumes incredible, the musical score sweeping, and the film epic in every way. Based on Margaret Mitchell's best selling novel, this classic 1939 film follows Scarlett O'Hara (played by Vivien Leigh), the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner, who's quality of life is swept away by the winds of the American Civil War. Her love life is equally as turbulent, thanks to Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard), and Rhett Butler (Clark Gable). Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: B-
Sexual Content: B-
Language: A-
Drugs/Alcohol: C
Run Time: 238
Theater Release: 17 Jan 1941
Video Release: 13 Apr 2010
MPAA Rating: G
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God’s and Generals is another epic-length film that looks at the American Civil War, but from the male perspective. Also set in the same time period, the classic Little Women (the 1949 original, or the 1994 remake) follows the fancies and follies of a family of sisters.

Home Video Extra Features

Gone With the Wind: The Scarlett Edition [Blu-ray]

Release Date: 13 April 2010

Gone With the Wind blows onto Blu-ray disc on April 13, 2010. The Scarlett Edition offers:

- Commentary by historian Rudy Behlmer.

- About the Movie featurettes

- About the Cast featurettes

- 1939: Hollywood’s Greatest Year (Documentary about Hollywood’s watershed year narrated by Kenneth Branagh)

- Gone with the Wind: The Legend Lives On: (Explores the legacy of the classic film through interviews, footage and visits to historical sites, events and museums)

- Moviola: The Scarlett O’Hara Wars (1980 WBTV Special)

- Exclusive HD Content: MGM -When the Lion Roars

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