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Still shot from the movie: Astro Boy.

Astro Boy

Based on the TV cartoon series with the same name, Astro Boy (voiced by Freddie Highmore) is a robotic child built by a grieving scientist (voiced by Nicholas Cage) who has lost his son. When he fails to fill the empty place in his human father's heart, the young robot sets off on a journey of self-discovery. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B+
Violence: B-
Sexual Content: A-
Language: B+
Drugs/Alcohol: A
Run Time: 94
Theater Release: 23 Oct 2009
Video Release: 16 Mar 2010
MPAA Rating: PG
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Other mechanical objects also have emotional and human traits attributed to them in movies with similar themes. In Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, a young budding scientist uses metal, bolts and nuts to fashion a high-tech pet that can play dead as well as fetch. A little android is left to clean up after the humans who’ve destroyed the Earth’s resources in WALL-E. Robin Williams stars as a robot who has developed a love of classical music and a penchant for painting in Bicentennial Man. Another father wishing for a son fashions a boy out of wood, in the classic fairytale Pinocchio.

Home Video Extra Features

Release Date: 16 March 2010
Astro Boy is releasing on DVD and Blu-ray with the following extras:
- Two new animated sequences: Astro vs. The Junkyard Pirates and The RRF In: The New Recruit.
- Inside the Recording Booth
- Designing A Hero
- Building Metro City
- Astro Boy Image Gallery: Creating a Global Icon
- Getting The Astro Boy Look

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