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Still shot from the movie: The Family.

The Family

Leopards can't change their spots, and it appears that the Manzoni family (Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer) can't either. Even though they have been placed under witness protection and relocated to France, their Mafia habits continue to spot their new life.

Overall Grade: --
Violence: --
Sexual Content: --
Language: --
Drugs/Alcohol: --
Release Date: 13 Sep 2013
Run Time: 111
MPAA Rating: R


Reader Comments

Paul, Esq says: Sep. 20, 2013

I am surprised that Robert DeNiro and Tommy Lee Jones would lend their names and talent to this poor excuse for a motion picture.  It was full of unnecessary violence; and unrealistic portrayal of organized crime; and unfit language coming out of the mouths of teenagers.  I WOULD RECOMMEND AGAINST ANYONE SEEING THIS FILM. It was a waste of good money for admission and a box of popcorn. 
Paul, Esq

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