About Parent Previews
About Parent Previews (General Content, Last Update Apr 2015)
A Reindeer’s Journey
A Reindeer’s Journey (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2019)
A reindeer calf is born before its mother can make it to the spring calving grounds. Thus begins a life of adventure and peril in one of the most beautiful and unforgiving environments on earth.
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2019)
Lloyd Vogel, a journalist with Esquire, has been assigned a profile on children's TV icon Mr. Rogers. Although he dislikes the assignment, Lloyd learns more from Mr. Rogers than he ever expected...
Red Snow
Red Snow (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2019)
Dylan Nadazeau is an indigenous member of the Canadian Armed Forces, who gets captured while on deployment in Afghanistan. In captivity he draws on his earlier years in the Northwest Territories.
Parasite (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2019)
The Kim family live in near-poverty, struggling to put food on the table. When their son, Ki-woo, gets a tutoring job with the wealthy Park family, he sees an opportunity for the Kims to feather their own nests...at the expense of the Parks.
Queen & Slim
Queen & Slim (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2019)
When a violent cop at a traffic stop forces Slim to take drastic action in self-defense, he and his date, Queen, go on the run. Trapped between the police and the dangers of the open road, Queen and Slim will have to make the hardest decisions of their lives.
Frozen II
Frozen II (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2019)
Arandelle faces a new threat- a strange magic which seems to come from the ancient and enchanted forest. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Svenn will have to work together to get past the forests defenses and find the cause of the problem.
Playing with Fire
Playing with Fire (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2019)
An elite team of firefighters is forced to take in some rambunctious children until their parents can be located. But for these smoke-jumpers, it looks like childcare might be more challenging than their average forest fire.
Knives Out
Knives Out (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2019)
Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) was a succesful crime novelist- until he was found dead shortly after his birthday. With the whole dysfunctional family still at his estate, the police have their work cut out for them.
The Great Alaskan Race
The Great Alaskan Race (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2019)
When a fiercely infectious strain of diphtheria breaks out among the children of Nome, Alaska in 1925, a group of brave mushers travel by dogsled across the frozen wilderness to bring the cure.
Arctic Dogs
Arctic Dogs (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2019)
Swifty has a dream: he wants to become a Top Dog, one of the Arctic Blast Delivery Service's star couriers. Only one problem: Swifty is a fox who works in the mailroom. And he's about to discover another problem - an evil villain in an ice-bound lair with dastardly plans to destroy the world.
Charlie’s Angels
Charlie’s Angels (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2019)
In yet another reboot of the 1970s TV series three beautiful, hard-fighting agents are put on the trail of a missing billionaire and his top-secret voice identification software.
Doctor Sleep
Doctor Sleep (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2019)
Having survived his murderous father's rampage, Danny Torrance now uses alcohol to suppress his unusual gifts. But when he meets a child with the same gifts (the shine), he learns that there is a mysterious group that feeds on the shine.
Terminator: Dark Fate
Terminator: Dark Fate (Movie Reviews, Last Update Nov 2019)
Dani Ramos lives a quiet life with her family in Mexico City - until, that is, a highly advanced new model of Terminator comes from the future to murder her. Her life is now in the hands of Grace, a super-soldier who is also from the future, and the legendary Sarah Connor.
Black and Blue
Black and Blue (Movie Reviews, Last Update Oct 2019)
Alicia West, a rookie with the New Orleans Police, inadvertently films the murder of a drug dealer by a fellow officer. Now pursued by both the police and their allies in the criminal underworld, Alicia has to get that footage back to the precinct to expose the corruption in the department.